Vendor Webcast Training

The OSD webcasts will assist vendors in learninig about state procurement, doing business with the Commonwealth and using the COMMBUYS system.

Learning opportunities are a click away and available on your schedule by accessing our library of webcasts. These eLearning modules, accessible on your computer, include topics such as OSD Programs and Services for the business community and COMMBUYS, the Commonwealth's Market Center where you can find and respond to bidding opportunities.


The following webcasts contains detailed information and instructions on COMMBUYS, the Commonwealth's Market Center where you can find an respond to bidding opportunities.


Basic COMMBUYS Navigation for the Seller Role
This webcast is useful for vendors with the Seller role in COMMBUYS. The webcast focuses on Basic Navigation, including the identification and use of icons, options in the Advanced Search tool, the Documents Navigation List, and Control Center tabs used to locate Bid Solicitations, Quotes, and Purchase Orders.

All Audiences: How to Search for Contracts in COMMBUYS
This course is intended to instruct COMMBUYS users on how to search for Statewide Contracts. Users will be brought through the step-by-step process for searching, first from the Pubic View and then from a Buyer logged-in perspective. The Public View searching section is relevant to all users.

How to Create a Quote in COMMBUYS (Locate and Respond to Bid Solicitations)
Learn how to locate a bid solicitation and create and submit a response in COMMBUYS. To submit quotes you must be logged in to a COMMBUYS business account.

How to Search for Bid Solicitations in COMMBUYS
Learn how to use COMMBUYS search tools to locate Bid Solicitations in your areas of interest, both from the Public View and from the Seller home page. Also covered are relevant terms to know and various notifications that alert vendors to COMMBUYS opportunities.

How to Withdraw, Reopen, and Resubmit Quotes in COMMBUYS
This presentation is for vendors who need to withdraw or amend and resubmit a quote that has already been submitted in COMMBUYS.

CONTRACTORS: How to Locate a Purchase Order (PO)
This webcast is for vendors who have been awarded a contract and have the Seller role in COMMBUYS. It focuses on accessing and acknowledging Purchase Orders, highlighting the difference between the contract’s Master Blanket Purchase Order and PO requests from buyers.

Managing a Vendor Profile in COMMBUYS (for Seller Administrators)
As the Seller Administrator, this webcast will help you update and maintain your business profile in COMMBUYS.

Overview of COMMBUYS Registration Including SBPP Application
Are you interested in doing business with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? Take a few minutes to register for a COMMBUYS vendor account! This webcast will guide you through the steps to get your COMMBUYS profile established. For small businesses, the Small Business Purchasing Program application process, a mere six questions, is also included.

Selecting Commodity Codes in COMMBUYS
COMMBUYS uses United Nations Standard Products & Services Codes (UNSPSC) to classify goods and services. Selecting appropriate UNSPSCs is essential to ensure you are notified about relevant bid solicitations when they are posted in COMMBUYS. Learn how to identify and add relevant UNSPSCs to your COMMBUYS profile.


OSD Programs and Services

The following webcasts contains detailed information and instructions on OSDs Program and Services.

All Audiences: Overview of Statewide Contracts
What are Statewide Contracts? Who can purchase from them? How do businesses become Statewide Contractors? This short webcast answers these questions and more. Learn some of the benefits for buyers and contractors, what types of goods and services are covered under these agreements, and where to find additional information.

Small Business Purchasing Program Overview
The goals of the Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP) are to increase state spending with enrolled Massachusetts-based small businesses and to provide simple and easy access to information and resources that will assist the small business community. This webcast provides an Overview of SBPP, including how it applies to Executive Agency goods and services procurements, what the business qualifications include, and where to find SBPP bid solicitations.

Supplier Diversity Program Policy and Form for Purchase of Service (POS) Providers
This presentation is for all Purchase of Service Providers: both providers currently on contract with an Executive Agency of the Commonwealth; and businesses planning to respond to Purchase of Services bid solicitations in the future. It provides an overview of the Supplier Diversity Program and step-by-step instructions about how and when to use the Purchase of Service Supplier Diversity Plan form.

Supplier Diversity Program Overview: Bidders, Contractors, and Certified Businesses
The Commonwealth’s Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) applies to large Executive Branch Goods and Services procurements. This webcast includes three sections:

  • An introduction to the Supplier Diversity Program: what it is and how it works;
  • An overview for bidders and prime contractors, which describes the Plan Forms that must be submitted for procurements over $150K and provides resources for finding SDP Partners;
  • An overview for certified businesses, which focuses on how certified businesses can use certification effectively.

After the introduction, viewers will be able to advance to the last section (for Certified Businesses), view the second section, or watch the webcast in its entirety.



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