Visitation During COVID-19

Here you can find general information on visiting an inmate during COVID-19. In-person visitation has been carried out in a way that balances the benefits of visitation with the need for vigilance against COVID-19.

Important information to prepare for your visit to a DOC facility

The Office of the Ombudsman, in collaboration with the Department of Correction (DOC), share the current COVID-19 Visitation Precautions. 

Visitor rules as of August 3, 2022

  1. All visitors shall be tested for COVID-19 prior to visiting.
  2. A maximum of two adults shall be permitted to visit an inmate at the same time during any visiting period. Minimum and Pre-release facilities may allow up to four adults. There shall be no limitations on the number of children. However, the number of children accompanying any parent/guardian must be of a number that can be adequately supervised by the parent/guardian in the facility and a number that can be accommodated by the facility's visiting room.
  3. Hand washing with hand sanitizer should be completed on arrival and before departure of each visit.
  4. Commonly accepted public displays of affection shall be allowed, which include one closed mouth kiss/hug upon beginning and end of the visit. 
  5. Physical distance shall be maintained during the remaining visit.
  6. Any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 should be reported to the officer in charge and testing and quarantine should be arranged. 

Covid-19 Testing Information

Testing will be conducted by a professional testing agency that will be using the Abbot BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Test, which will produce results in as little as 15 minutes. Testing days will coincide with visiting days at facilities and will occur at DOC regional testing sites listed below. 

Anyone who is attempting to visit should continue to call the respective facility and schedule their visits in advance. When calling to schedule a visit, staff will be able to provide more information on the testing process and the regional testing site locations.


Sites Schedule

The Talbot House conference room will serve OCCC, MTC and BSH.

12:00pm-8:00pm all days except Thursday

Bay State Correctional Center Visiting Room will serve PCC, MCI-CJ, and MCI-Norfolk

12:00pm-8:00pm all days except Friday

The Masscor Showroom will serve MCI-Shirley and SBCC

12:00pm-8:00pm all days except Monday

The Victim Services Building will serve MCI-Concord and NECC

12:00pm-8:00pm all days except Monday

Assembly Hall will serve NCCI Gardner

10:00am-6:00pm all days except Thursday

South Middlesex Correctional Center will serve MCI-Framingham

12:00pm-8:00pm all days except Friday

Boston Pre-Release Center testing will occur in the parking lot inside an ambulance

9:00am-5:00pm all days except Friday

Pre-Approval Process

Visitors must complete the pre-approval process prior to scheduling an in-person visit and must be listed on their loved one's pre-approved visiting list. 

    For visitors that have not completed the pre-approval process please follow the pre-approval instructions located here.

    Scheduling a Visit

    To schedule a visit, visitors will call their loved one's respective facility to submit your name for a visitation period and obtain any additional information on the protocols during this phase.   

    Facility   Main Phone Number
    Boston Pre-Release Center   (617) 822-5000
    Bridgewater State Hospital   (508) 279-4500
    Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Correctional Unit   (617) 552-7585
    MASAC at Plymouth   (508) 291-2441
    Massachusetts Treatment Center   (508) 279-8100
    MCI-Cedar Junction   (508) 660-8000
    MCI-Concord   (978) 405-6100
    MCI-Framingham   (508) 532-5100
    MCI-Norfolk   (508) 660-5900
    MCI-Shirley   (978) 425-4341
    North Central Correctional Institution   (978) 630-6000
    Northeastern Correctional Center   (978) 371-7941
    Old Colony Correctional Center   (508) 279-6000
    Pondville Correctional Center   (508) 660-3924
    Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center   (978) 514-6500

    Video Visitation

    To further promote connected relationships with families and loved ones, video visitation is operational. Video visitors must also complete the pre-approval process prior to scheduling a video visit and must be listed on their loved one's pre-approved visiting list prior to scheduling. 

    Please visit Securus Video Visitation online to create an account. For video visitation with Bridgewater State Hospital patients or persons served, please refer to the document below for more information. 

    For potential video visitors that have not completed the pre-approval process, please follow the instructions located here.

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