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VPRS Bulk Upload Feature

VPRS system allows users to create multiple Vernal Pool, Plant or Animal reports using the Bulk Upload feature by entering data into a preformatted spreadsheet.

Bulk upload tutorial

Using the Bulk Upload feature, you can import data which has been entered into a preformatted spreadsheet and generate multiple reports at once. Only one type of report (Plant, Animal, or Vernal Pool) can be imported at a time. The Bulk Upload feature is one of the more complex functions of the system and therefore several help guides are available below.

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Additional spreadsheets

All three bulk import spreadsheets require that you input a Town. This must be one of the 351 towns listed in the VPRS system, please refer to the "Towns" Excel spreadsheet for the official town names.

The Plant and Animal bulk upload spreadsheets require that you input a Scientific Species Name. If the name is not entered correctly the system will not match the report up with the appropriate species within the system. Please refer to the "Species" Excel spreadsheet for the species listed in our database.

Please note: There have been some issues with the Bulk Upload feature when using newer versions of Microsoft Excel (file extensions ending in .xlsx). If you receive a message that states "There was a problem processing your request.  It is recommended you close your browser and restart the VPRS system.", save your spreadsheet to an older version of Excel with a file extension in .xls.

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