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WIOA Family Support Project

The WIOA Family Support Project is a collaborative initiative at the Federation for Children with Special Needs supported by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) for students with disabilities ages 16-22 and their families.

About the Project

The WIOA Family Support Project has three main goals:

  1. Partnership with MRC Area Offices to offer transition trainings to family and professionals.
  2. Transition technical assistance through website, webinars, workshops, materials, and phone calls.
  3. Referral-based face-to-face transition support for vocational rehabilitation eligible students and their families.

The WIOA Family Support Project has Transition Family Support Specialists throughout the state of Massachusetts act as liaisons to MRC Area Offices, while supporting students with disabilities and their families.  To contact the WIOA Family Support Project please email:

Visit our website to find out more information about trainings and to connect with a Transition Family Support Specialist:

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