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Growing areas with consistent levels of contamination are not classified as Approved. Thus, shellfish from these areas can not be sold straight to market.
One of the largest efforts of the shellfish program is aquaculture management. If you are interested in learning about aquaculture or getting a permit, read on.
The Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) monitors coastal waters for harmful algal blooms. These blooms produce biotoxins that can accumulate in shellfish, making it harmful to eat.
Enjoy eating oysters? There are health risks that you should be aware of. Learn about the bacteria found in raw oysters and what the Commonwealth is doing in response.
If you are an oyster harvester or dealer, watch these video tutorials to learn the best handling practices to prevent vibrio growth.
If you are an aquaculture permit holder and would like to buy shellfish seed, it must be from a hatchery or nursery approved by the Division of Marine Fisheries. You can find out more about the approved places below.
If you consume shellfish, you'll want to learn about the steps DMF takes to ensure Massachusetts shellfish growing areas are sanitary.