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Supreme Judicial Court Rules

Supreme Judicial Court Rules Supreme Judicial Court Rule 1:08: Form, style, and size of papers filed in all courts

Effective Date: 01/01/1992
Referenced Sources: See SJC Rule 1:06[7]
See Rule 6(g) of Mass.R.Civ.P.
Updates: Amended effective January 1, 1992.


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Rule 1:08

(1) Except as provided in this rule, papers (except exhibits) and processes filed with or by the clerk of the court in any court in the Commonwealth, or before a justice thereof, in any action, suit, or proceeding therein, including executions, with their returns, shall be, so far as reasonably practicable, approximately (but not larger than) eight and one-half inches by eleven in size, of standard quality of paper with adequate margins, and, except writs and other processes, approved Probate and Family Court Department printed forms, and printed briefs, shall be printed or typewritten upon one side only. It is desirable that blanks be filled in in typewriting. All papers filed in appeals (civil or criminal) to the full Supreme Judicial Court, the full Appeals Court, or a statutory quorum of either shall comply with the informational requirements of Rule 20(b) of the Massachusetts Rules of Appellate Procedure . All papers filed in all other proceedings shall bear the name of the court and the county, the title of the action, the designation of the nature of the pleading or paper, and the name (written in capital letters or typed legibly, in addition to any signature required), address, and telephone number of the person or attorney filing the same, and, with respect to such papers filed by an attorney in the Supreme Judicial Court for the Commonwealth, the Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County and the Appeals Court, the attorney's Board of Bar Overseers (BBO) number. The court number of the case shall appear on each paper filed after the assignment of such a number.

(1A) With the exceptions appearing in paragraphs (1) an (2) of this rule and, with the exception of the Probate and Family Court Department, and applications for admission to the bar filed in the county court, all papers and processes in cases commenced after January 1, 1975, filed with or by the clerk of the court in any court in the Commonwealth shall not be folded. Backers are not required and should not be used.

(2) The District Court Department and the Boston Municipal Court Department by rule may exempt from the operation of this rule papers filed in small claims proceedings and in criminal cases. The District Court and the Juvenile Court Departments by rule may exempt from the operation of this rule papers filed in juvenile cases. However, when the clerks of these courts enter in the Superior Court Department papers exempted under this paragraph they shall adapt such papers to the requirements of this rule. In all courts there may be exempted by rule or order papers filed by parties appearing pro se.

(3) Any court by rule or order may provide for the effective enforcement of this rule.



Referenced Sources:
Updates: Amended effective January 1, 1992.


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