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Municipalities are saving energy, reducing GHG emissions, affecting local behavioral changes, and promoting clean energy.
Collection of DOER hosted webinars and related content
Net metering allows customers to offset their energy use and transfer energy back to their electric companies in exchange for a credit. If you have a solar or another renewable energy facility, and your electric company allows it, you may be able to net meter. Want to learn more about how net metering works?
Guide to energy rebates and incentives available in Massachusetts including: energy efficiency (home, appliances, business), renewables, clean heating and cooling, alternative transportation and more.
Learn about the mission of the MassCEC. Find out how the organization may be able to help you and your community.
Learn about the mission of NEEP. Find out how they can assist you and your community in your renewable energy goals.
Learn about how the MMA can help your community with its’ energy initiatives.
Learn about the resources available from the Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI).