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Did you file for unemployment insurance benefits? To stay eligible, you must make a request for benefits each week you are unemployed.
We may ask you for more information about your unemployment claim. Find out how to respond to questionnaires and submit additional documents to the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA).
Was your claim for unemployment benefits denied? Learn how to request an appeal.
Did you go back to work full time? Learn how to stop requesting weekly benefits.
Use the Commonwealth's online job bank to look for a job.
Reporting fraud helps protect unemployment benefits for those who really need them. If you suspect someone may be committing fraud, report it to the Unemployment Insurance Program Integrity Department.
Do you wish to receive your unemployment benefits in your personal checking or savings account? Learn how to set up direct deposit.
Learn how to change direct deposit information for unemployment benefits you receive in your checking or savings account.
Learn how to cancel direct deposit if you no longer want to receive your unemployment benefits in your checking or savings account.
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