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When an employee is separated from work, there are several steps the employer and employee must take to ensure that eligibility is determined accurately. As an employer, learn about what you can do to promote an effective claims process, including responding to requests for information from the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA). You will also learn how to protest benefit charges or appeal an unemployment determination.
Seasonal status precludes employers from being liable for unemployment benefits directly associated with seasonal work. The Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) will not use the wages earned in a seasonally certified occupation to establish an unemployment claim if all the criteria are met.

Seasonal certification does not relieve any employer from filing quarterly wage and employment detail reports. Contributory employers must still pay quarterly contributions on seasonal wages.

Please note that the seasonal certification application is separate from the Department of Labor Standards application for seasonal business determination for overtime waiver.
Stay informed about the deadlines for submitting the employment and wage detail report and paying unemployment contributions.
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