transcript Find your Commonwealth Job

Did you know there’s one employer who offers a vast number of career opportunities throughout the state?

Footage of a group of firefighters, solar panel technicians, and teachers at work.

Every day at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we work on exciting and innovative projects

Energy efficient light bulbs spread across the screen, and turn on

That make meaningful and measurable impacts on citizens’ lives

And create lasting change

Footage of the Zakim Bridge in Boston, at night.

With dozens of offices, agencies, and locations across the state

A map pin pops up, with an outline of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the center. In the background, several more map pins emerge.

It’s a great place to learn and grow

A diverse group meets face-to-face in an office setting.

Your career path and opportunities to develop are nearly limitless

We see footage of a construction worker, a medical technician, and a police officer in their respective workplaces.

We’re committed to establishing a culture of diversity and inclusion

A group of men and women stand in an office setting, looking directly into the camera.

Focused on citizen-centered goals

And a purpose-driven mission

A shot of a street sign reading “Main St.” transitions into a shot of the State House in Boston.

Want to make a difference in Massachusetts?

Discover your new future with the Commonwealth today

Beneath the text we see the seal of Massachusetts.

A button with the text Find Your New Job appears on screen and links to: