transcript TURA 25th Anniversary Leaders

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Massachusetts companies are leading the way to reduce toxic chemical use. Rep. Paul Schmid III, Senator Anne Gobi and Undersecretary Ned Bartlett congratulate all nine TURA 25th Anniversary Leaders. Hear what ChemGenes Corp., Stainless Steel Coatings, Inc. and Allston Collision Center have to say.


Representative Paul A. Schmid III

Co-Chair, Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture

The Toxic Use Reduction Act is a wonderful example of what happens when the legislature brings all stakeholders, all points of view, of a particular issue to the table and work out something that works for everyone...appreciation that we have for these 25th anniversary honorees they have found ways to do the right thing and to make it work financially. They've reduced the use of chemicals; they've improved their financial position; they've embraced innovation and they've even found new markets.

Senator Anne M. Gobi

Co-Chair, Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture

We know that in business you have to make a lot of decisions and sometimes decisions are not easy especially when they do affect the bottom line and you have decided to put your emphasis to make the necessary changes whatever you have to do in your own companies for the environment for your employers for your customers and we certainly appreciate it.

Undersecretary Ned Bartlett

Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

If natural and health benefits that you were experiencing represent exactly what TURA was intended to do in short encouraging businesses to examine toxic chemical use and look for ways to make improvements.

Anuj Mohan, Chief Operating Officer

ChemGenes Corporation, Wilmington

There's a general perception that you're inviting the government and to take a look around and we have first-hand experience that that's not the case it's we've had wonderful experience working with TURI and OTA.

Robert Audlee, Vice President

Stainless Steel Coatings, Inc., Lancaster

My company's Stainless Steel Coatings. We make a paint out of stainless steel and as you might imagine that involves a variety of some pretty unusual chemicals. We've reduced our carbon emissions, we've reduced our use of xylene; we again have eliminated our use effects of hexavalent chromium we're working on some reduced VOC and water-based coatings and looking to expand our facility in the next year or two to continue to produce those.

Paul Chaet, Owner

Allston Collision Center

In 2008, Elaine and I along with our vendors, Quik Auto Body Supply and PPG, took our stand to be at the forefront of water-based painting in Massachusetts our purpose became keeping our employees healthy our neighbors safe and our small patch of the world clean.

TURA 25th Anniversary Leaders

Allston Collision Center, Allston

Analog Devices, Wilmington

ChemGenes Corporation, Wilmington

Columbia Manufacturing Inc., Westfield

Franklin Paint Company, Franklin

Independent Plating, Worcester

Ophir Optics, North Andover

Shawmut Corp., West Bridgewater

Stainless Steel Coatings Inc., Lancaster

Brazilian Women's Group, Brighton

Professional Wet Cleaning Workgroup (9 dry cleaners)