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This guide explains what wetlands are and why it is so important to protect them.
Read MassDEP's guide to the Massachusetts Rivers Protection Act of 1996.
In Massachusetts, regulations govern how to manage stormwater pollution. This handbook describes how to follow the regulations.
Wetlands circuit riders help consultants and municipal officials meet the requirements of the Wetlands Protection Act.
Electronic filing helps MassDEP manage projects and protect natural resources.
A guide to authorizing emergency repairs in sensitive areas.
About MassDEP's pilot project for preventing stormwater pollution in wetlands.
MassDEP has compiled aerial photographs of the state to track wetland alteration and loss. These photos help MassDEP enforce the Wetlands Protection Act.
The current MassDEP Eelgrass layer is being updated. A paper has been published explaining the methodology of the updates.
This guide offers possible uses for photo-based maps of wetlands.