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Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MASSWILDLIFE)

MassWildlife is responsible for the conservation of freshwater fish and wildlife in the Commonwealth, including endangered plants and animals. MassWildlife restores, protects, and manages land for wildlife to thrive and for people to enjoy.

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MassWildlife Field Headquarters
1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA 01581


Open M–F, 8 a.m.–4 p.m. (closed noon–12:30 for lunch)

Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

Who we serve

Through the effective management of wildlife and habitat, MassWildlife ensures quality outdoor recreational opportunities for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the impressive variety of plants, fish, and wildlife found in Massachusetts. Outdoor skills clinics, wildlife education workshops, presentations, and online resources provide all residents with a greater understanding and appreciation for wildlife conservation. Keep in touch with us  sign up to receive monthly e-newsletters.

Recent news & announcements

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    New MassFishHunt is now live 

    1/05/2022 Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

    A new licensing and harvest reporting system launched December 1, 2021. Learn about new features and get started.

  • News

    New publication promotes wood turtle conservation 

    1/05/2022 Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

    MassWildlife led a partnership of state agencies to develop a new book.

  • News

    Historic sea eagle sighting thrills birders 

    1/05/2022 Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

    Far from its native range, a Stellar’s sea eagle made a recent stopover along the Taunton River.

  • News

    Channel your inner otter 

    1/04/2022 Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

    River otters stay active in the cold weather and even seem to enjoy snow and ice. Brush up on your otter facts and get inspired to get outdoors this winter.

  • News

    Stay safe on the ice this winter 

    1/03/2022 Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

    Always consider ice to be potentially dangerous. Stay safe this winter by taking a few moments to review these ice safety tips and ice thickness guidelines. 

  • News

    Why you shouldn't feed wildlife this winter 

    1/02/2022 Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

    Providing food for wildlife does more harm than good.


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