Vending Facilities Program

The MCB Vending Facilities Program, which operates under the federal Randolph-Sheppard Act, prepares individuals who are legally blind for a challenging and rewarding career in concession management.

Vending Facilities are located in federal and state buildings. Currently, the majority are in Boston and the surrounding area.

Federal Requirements for Eligibility

  • Must be legally blind
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be a United States citizen

Types of Locations

  • Newsstands
  • Snack bars/Coffee Shops
  • Cafeterias


  • Referral from MCB Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Informational meeting
  • Interview
  • Classroom and on the job training
  • Selection for an available location is based on seniority and requisite ability

Training Components

  • Customer Service and Cashiering
  • Ordering, Stocking, Merchandising and Marketing of products
  • Food Preparation
  • MA State Lottery
  • Financial Management

Vendor Responsibilities

  • Daily operation of the vending location
  • Customer Service
  • Purchasing, Merchandising and Marketing
  • Maintaining and repairing equipment
  • Employee hiring and training
  • Financial management

MCB Responsibilities

  • Accept referrals and assess potential candidates for the program
  • Provide training in all areas of the Vending Program
  • Provide equipment and initial inventory for each location
  • Evaluate each vendor and location for compliance with federal and state regulations and all applicable laws

Contact your MCB Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor to see if this program would be right for you.