Navigating the health care and health care and health insurance systems can be a challenge. If you have problems with health insurance claims or medical bills, or think you may have fallen victim to a scam, the Attorney General's Health Care Division may be able to assist you..

You may first want to contact the Attorney General's Health Care hotline at (888) 830-6277 in order to discuss your questions and concerns. Hotline staff can offer suggestions to help you solve your problem on your own, provide referrals to government agencies or private organizations that can best help you, or encourage you to submit your complaint directly to the Attorney General's Office.

When you submit a complaint to the Health Care Division, be sure to describe your problem in detail, including steps you have taken to resolve the problem. Save all the documents related to your problem, such as bills, insurance documents and letters. Though you will not be able to submit these documents electronically with your complaint, you may be asked to provide this information by mail or fax.

Your health care complaint will be carefully reviewed by the Health Care Division staff. The Health Care Division offers a free mediation service, and if your complaint is appropriate for mediation, a staff member will contact you. If we determine that your complaint is not appropriate for mediation, a staff member will offer you information about other courses of action available to you. All complaints submitted to the Health Care Division are kept on record and monitored. Many investigations and legal actions carried out by the Attorney General have their roots in consumer complaints.

Please note that the Attorney General cannot provide legal advice to any individual and cannot act as an individual's attorney. If you have questions concerning the specific application or interpretation of the law, please contact a private attorney.


E-File a Health Care Complaint

Click here to file a Health Care complaint

If you do not want to submit an e-complaint but wish to submit a health care complaint by regular mail, please contact the Health Care hotline at (888) 830-6277 for assistance.


Supporting Documentation

To submit supporting documents via regular mail, you must first complete the e-complaint form and print it out, including a copy of it with any supporting documents. In order to print a copy of your e-complaint, complete and submit the e-complaint. Then, on the "Form Submitted" page, click the "Download a Copy of your Complaint" link on the "Form Submitted" page. This will launch a PDF, click the "open" box and then print as appropriate. You will also be able to save a copy of your complaint this way.

You must have Adobe Reader Version 7 or higher installed on your computer to access the form. This program is available to download for free on the Adobe website.

Please send a copy of the complaint and any supporting documentation to:

Office of the Attorney General
Health Care Division, 18th Floor
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

If you have questions about how to submit a complaint or if you would like to check on the status of your complaint, please call the Health Care Consumer Hotline at (888) 830-6277.