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Health Care Cost Growth Benchmark

More than ten years ago, the Massachusetts state legislature enacted Chapter 58 of the Acts of 2006, a law designed to provide near universal health insurance coverage for state residents. Today, over 400,000 additional Massachusetts residents have health insurance coverage, giving Massachusetts the highest rate of insurance coverage in the nation.

Following the passage of Chapter 58, health care policy efforts in Massachusetts focused on enhancing the transparency of the state’s health care system and identifying health care cost drivers. While Massachusetts is a national leader in innovative and high-quality health care, it is also among the states with the highest health care spending. The rapid rate of growth in health care spending has contributed to a crowding-out effect for households, businesses, and government, reducing resources available to spend on other priorities.

Given these trends, the state enacted Chapter 224 of the Acts of 2012 with the ambitious goal of bringing health care spending growth in line with growth in the state’s overall economy by establishing the health care cost growth benchmark, a statewide target for the rate of growth of total health care expenditures.

Learn more about the Health Care Cost Growth Benchmark.

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