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  • CHART Phase 2 awards announced

    CHART Phase 2 Awards Announced

    HPC board voted on October 22, 2014 to grant $60 million to community hospitals through the CHART Investment Program

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  • Review testimony and presentations from Massachusetts health care leaders and national industry experts provided at the 2013 Health Care Cost Trends Hearing.

    Annual Cost Trends Hearing

    Take a look at pre-filed testimony, written remarks, presentations, and recordings from the Health Policy Commission's 2014 Health Care Cost Trends Hearing.

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  • HPC Releases CMIR

    Final Review of Partners HealthCare System and Hallmark Health System

    Read our final report on a  transaction's potential impact on cost, quality, access and market competition.

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  • HPC Submission into Court Authorized Public Comment Period

    HPC Submission into Court Authorized Public Comment Period

    HPC board voted on July 17 to submit written comment into the public comment period for Superior Court Civil Action No. 14-2033-BLS.

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  • HPC Releases July 2014 Supplement

    Cost Trends Report: July 2014 Supplement

    The supplement offers further analyses of health care spending in the Commonwealth, trends in the delivery system and payment methods, and actionable recommendations and next steps.

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Who We Are

The Health Policy Commission was established in 2012 through Massachusetts’ landmark health care cost-containment law, Chapter 224: “An Act Improving the Quality of Health Care and Reducing Costs through Increased Transparency, Efficiency, and Innovation.” 

Chapter 224 sets the ambitious goal of bringing health care spending growth in line with growth in the state’s overall economy. The Commission is working to advance this goal by:

  • Fostering reforms to the health care payment system that aim to reward quality care, improve health outcomes, and more efficiently spend health care dollars;
  • Promoting innovative delivery models that will enhance care coordination, advance integration of behavioral and physical health services, and encourage effective patient-centered care;
  • Investing in community hospitals and other providers to support the transition to new payment methods and care delivery models;
  • Increasing the transparency of provider organizations and assessing the impact of health care market changes on the cost, quality, and access of health care services in Massachusetts;
  • Analyzing and reporting of cost trends through data examination and an annual public hearing process to provide accountability of the health care cost-containment goals set forth in Chapter 224;
  • Enhancing accountability through the implementation of performance-improvement plans for certain providers and payers that threaten the ability of the state to meet the cost growth benchmark;
  • Evaluating the prevalence and performance of initiatives aimed at health system transformation;
  • Engaging consumers and businesses on health care cost and quality initiatives; and
  • Partnering with a wide range of stakeholders to promote informed dialogue, recommend evidence-based policies, and identify collaborative solutions.

The Governor, Attorney General and State Auditor have appointed an 11-member board made up of public and private sector leaders with diverse areas of expertise to govern the HPC. Our Executive Director and staff are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the agency.