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    • SBPP Registration

      Access benefits, eligibility criteria, & other resources

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    • SellerRegistration

      Sellers: Learn How to Complete the Vendor Registration Process in COMMBUYS

      Every Vendor must have a Completed Registration to Respond to Bidding Opportunities in COMMBUYS

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    • sbppwebcast

      Webcast for the Small Business Purchasing Program, Executive Order 523 Overview

      Establishing The Massachusetts Small Business Purchasing Program

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  • Information Technology (IT) Small Business Incubator Pilot

    Find out if you are eligible to participate in the Pilot and what to do to get involved.

  • Overview of the Small Business Purchasing Program for Vendors

    Learn about the goals and benefits of the SBPP and how to apply to be a program participant.  This page also includes information on the SBPP status validation process and links to resources for vendors.

  • SBPP Resources for Executive Department Purchasers

    Access the SBPP policy summary, required notification language for bids, information on the SBPP status validation process in COMMBUYS, and guidelines for entering and updating vendor information in MMARS.  This page also includes links to additional SBPP resources for executive departments.   

  • Fiscal Year 2013 Small Business Purchasing Program Benchmark Issued

    The Operational Services Division is pleased to announce the issuance of the Fiscal Year 2013 benchmark for the Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP).  In an effort to increase the use of small businesses in public purchasing, Executive Branch Departments are strongly encouraged to spend 2.5% of annual procurement expenditures with verified small businesses participating in the SBPP. By issuing this benchmark, Executive Branch Departments have a greater incentive to support the existence and growth of small businesses in the Commonwealth by continuing to invest  in Massachusetts-based small business enrolled in the SBPP.
  • OSD Procurement Schedule 8/01/2017 - 01/31/2018

    Review this summary schedule of Operational Services Division's upcoming procurement activity.