• Instructions on How to Request a Military Makeup Exam rtf format of Instructions on How to Request a Military Makeup Exam

    ALL military personnel who, in connection with current service, have military orders that indicate their unavailability due to military service on the examination date, must file an application and processing fee and request a makeup examination in writing, with a copy of your military orders attached. Please include in your request your email address, daytime base phone number and/or name and phone number of a friend or family member with whom you have regular contact and entrust with your personal communication. Note: Only candidates who have filed an application and processing fee or Fee Waiver Form for this examination by the late filing deadline will qualify for placement on the Trooper eligible list upon passing a military make up examination.

  • Military Make-up Exam Schedule docx format of Military Make-up Exam Schedule
pdf format of Military Make-up Exam Schedule rtf format of Military Make-up Exam Schedule

    Examination schedule for returning military personnel

    Last Update: 7/1/2014

  • Residency Preference Claim Information for Military Personnel

    Information for military personnel claiming residency preference placement on an eligible list.
  • Definition of Massachusetts Veteran

    Definition of a Massachusetts Veteran Chart (Link to Veterans' Services website)
  • Verifying Veteran's Status & Preference

    Information outlining the documents required of applicant in order for HRD to determine his or her eligibility for veterans' status and preference under civil service.
  • Eligibility for Extension upon Return from Active Duty

    Pursuant to Chapter 708 of the Acts of 1941, an applicant who is activated to full-time active duty after he/she passes a civil service exam or after his/her name is placed on an eligible list, may request in writing within six months upon his/her return from active duty, to the Human Resources Division to extend his/her eligibility for a period equal to the period of eligibility remaining at the time he/she commences active military duty. Applicant requesting eligibility extension should also enclose a copy of his/her DD214 Member 4 Form for verification of service.
  • Military Pay Act Information

    Implementation instructions, frequently asked questions and related documents regarding pay and other benefits for State employees called up for active military duty.
  • Veterans' Application for Provisional Employment rtf format of Veterans' Application for Provisional Employment

    For applicants with veteran's status requesting information and notification of employment opportunities throughout the Commonwealth.


  • Chapter 31

    The chapter of the Massachusetts General Laws governing the administration of civil service law
  • Personnel Administration Rules (PAR's) doc format of Personnel Administration Rules (PAR's)

    Rules enforced by the Personnel Administrator that establish standards for the implementation of civil service law and supplement Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 31
  • Age Requirement for Military Personnel