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  • blue logo - September 15, 2017 – State House Boston, MOD Summit 2017. Topic: Employment Opportunity.

    2017 Disability Summit: Employment Opportunities

    2017 Disability Summit: Employment Opportunities

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  • Call for Art and Juried Exhibition

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  • blue "MOD" lettering with the "O"'s interior colored in yellow at the top, green on the sides.  Below the initials it reads in white lettering on blue background "Massachusetts Office on Disability".

    MOD's New Logo

    MOD's Newly Designed Logo.

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    Contact Us Online

    Try our new way to contact us... An easy on-line form!

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  • MOD Newsletter

    Check out MOD's Quarterly Newsletter!

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  • This backpack, full of emergency supplies, is given to persons with disabilities attending our Personal Emergency Prepardness Program

    Personal Emergency Preparedness Program

    Backpack and supplies given to persons with disabilities attending our Personal Emergency Preparedness Program.

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  • Image of resource materials with the words MOD Publications at the bottom.

    MOD Publications

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The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) was created in 1981 under M.G.L. Chapter 6 Section 185.  The primary mission of MOD is to ensure the full and equal participation of all people with disabilities in all aspects of life by working to advance legal rights, maximum opportunities, supportive services, accommodations and accessibility in a manner that fosters dignity and self determination. It is the state advocacy agency that serves people with disabilities of all ages.

Disability Mentoring Week 2017

The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) and the Human Resources Division (HRD) are partnering to host “Disability Mentoring Week (DMW),” an opportunity for persons with disabilities to explore career opportunities within state government. Each mentee will be paired with a Massachusetts state government professional working in the mentee’s field of interest. For more information please visit our dedicated webpage:

Municipal ADA Improvement Grant Program

The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD), is pleased to announce the Municipal ADA Improvement Grant Program application and selection process.  Eligible applicants include any Massachusetts city or town. These grants are aimed at supporting capital improvements specifically dedicated to improving programmatic access and/or removing barriers encountered by persons with disabilities in Applicant facilities throughout the Commonwealth. Project Grants of up to $250,000 will be awarded to successful Applicants to remove barriers and create and improve accessible features and programmatic access for persons with disabilities throughout the Commonwealth. Additional information can be found on our dedicated web page at

Call for Art and Juried Art Exhibition

Image with MOD Logo stating the Art Contest theme: Breaking Barriers.  Announcing Art Exhibition, November 14-16, 2017 at the MA State House, Boston, MA.  Visit

Coming Soon: Art Exhibition

The Massachusetts Office on Disability asked the public to submit original artwork that depicts the theme of “Breaking Barriers” and received dozens of amazing entries from talented individuals across the Commonwealth.  We would like to thank all participants for submitting their work.

Our jury is now in the process of selecting pieces to display as part of our upcoming public exhibition.  A central purpose in holding this exhibition is to showcase the talent of our Commonwealth residents and to present works to the public that will raise awareness of and challenge the barriers and stigma that persons with disabilities may encounter. 

The exhibition will be open to the public for two weeks during regular State House hours from November 14-26, 2017.  Please visit our dedicated webpage for more information:

How Can the Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) Help Me?

MOD focuses on the following four areas that can assist customers with all different types of issues.

Government Compliance

Government Services Program
MOD frequently assists communities, businesses and advocates; either through plan review or on-site visits, to ensure compliance with the various building requirements specific to persons with disabilities.  If you are interested in this free service, please reach out to Jeffrey L. Dougan at (800) 322-2020 or email Jeffrey at

  • MOD Role as AAB Board Member
  • Technical Assistance on Compliance with the various codes
    • Massachusetts Architectural Access Board
    • Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Standards
    • Fair Housing
    • Public Rights of Way Guidelines
  • Architectural Review/Site Visits

State and Federal Accessibility Codes


Section 504 of the Rehab Act

Mass General Laws chapter 151b

Executive Orders 351 txt format of EO 351-1993, MA Reg. #707
, 352 txt format of EO 352-1993, MA Reg. #707
, and 526 pdf format of Executive Order 526 (Mass. Register # 1177)

FHA, Fair Housing