• Performance Management

    As part of the Commonwealth's MassResults Program, MOD is pleased to publish the following documents:

  • Key Initiatives

      The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) announced that, beginning October 29, the official Massachusetts Identification Card is now an acceptable form of identification for the purchase of alcohol, removing a long-held stigma against individuals with disabilities.  The change was signed into law on July 30, 2012 and went into effect on October 29, 2012.  For the full press release, please click on the heading above.
    • Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
      The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that "entities" of state and local government designate ADA Coordinators to oversee efforts to comply with the law and to handle disability based discrimination complaints. The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) is the ADA Coordinating Agency for the Executive Branch of State Government.
    • Emergency Preparedness
      The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD), in partnership with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, hosted meetings to bring together people with disabilities and local emergency preparedness professionals. The results of the meetings, which explore how to ensure that people with disabilities have the assistance they need in times of emergency are available to read.  
    • Information and Help with Individual Problems
      Learn about the government programs that help citizens with disabilities live independently and about their civil rights.When consumers report systems are not responsive to their individual or collective needs, or that their civil rights have been violated, this program investigates and advocates that legitimate problems be corrected. 
    • Making Communities Accessible
      Information and technical assistance on community based concerns. 
    • Community Access Monitor Trainings
      Initially, the Community Access Monitor Project emphasized the enforcement of the Architectural Access Board's Rules and Regulations.  Now, with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act in effect, requirements for access have broadened to include communication and programmatic as well as architectural accessibility.  As the scope of accessibility legislation has broadened, so has the role of the Community Access Monitor. 
    • Model Employer Initiative
      MOD is part of a larger initiative working to make the Commonwealth a Model Employer. As part of that effort, MOD administers the application process for a capital fund to supplement agency efforts to pay for the accommodation needs of the Executive Branch's employees. Called the Reasonable Accommodation Capital Reserve Account (RACRA), it makes funds available to agencies faced with single requests of over $2,500 for a single individual or cumulative expenses totaling more the 0.5% of the agency's annual budget.
    • Improving Government
      Strides are constantly being made to improve government adherence to state and federal laws.

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