Study Designer: Finegold Alexander & Associates
Contractor: TBD
Project Type: CM at Risk
Preliminary Estimated Project Cost: $175 million
Estimated Gross Square Feet: 246,000 new construction
Preliminary Estimated Schedule:
Site Acquisition: FY2009
Site Demolition and Study Completion: FY2009- FY2010

The new Lowell Trial Court, proposed for the historic Hamilton Canal District of downtown Lowell, will provide state-of-the-art facilities for the Superior, District, Probate & Family, Juvenile, and Housing Courts of Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

These departments currently operate in inadequate facilities that are characterized by poor condition, overcrowding, lack of security, and inefficiency. Five court departments will be consolidated into a single, efficient comprehensive justice facility, replacing two state-owned buildings and one private lease. There will be sixteen courtrooms with state-of-the-art security and technology features.

The Judicial Center will be a modern cutting-edge, energy efficient building that will set a new courthouse standard for sustainable design and quality of environment for visitors and staff. It will be a symbol of reinvestment in the City of Lowell, and an icon for the entrance to downtown.

Disposition of the existing Lowell Superior and Lowell District Court buildings will take place once the project is completed. The New Trial Court at the Hamilton Canal District will be developed in conjunction with the City of Lowell's HCD Community Design process. See

Toward Zero Net Energy - see presentation handout (7/30/09) pdf format of trc_lowell_pres7_30_09.pdf

This will be a model project for energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy .

  • LEED Platinum Certification is project goal.
  • Super energy efficient: The building is designed to use 50% less energy than energy code requires.
  • Toward Zero Net Energy: 35 - 50% of the energy demand will be produced by renewable technology on site. The remaining electrical demand will be met by a natural gas combined heat and power (CHP) plant that can be converted in the future to burn biofuel - giving the facility the potential to become Zero Net Energy in the future.

Lowell Trial Court Site in Hamilton Canal District

Existing Lowell District Court

Existing Lowell Superior Court