Engineers and architects are advised that the below mentioned Designer Selection Board (DSB) listings are now available.

Applications and other necessary documents are included in the complete notice below.


Designer Selection Board Project Listing 16-10

 Closing Date/Time

Listed below are the individual Project Criteria documents from complete DSB Public Notice 16-10 pdf format of dsbnotice1610
Please Note: documents related to this notice are included7/6/16 - 2:00 PM
DSB List 16-10 #1 pdf format of dsb161001-study-and-design-for-general-building
- Study and Design for General Building Renovations, Repairs and Upgrades - Norfolk Sheriff's Office (NSO)7/6/16 - 2:00 PM
DSB List 16-10 #2 pdf format of dsb161002-study-and-design-of-general-building-renovati
- Study and Design of General Building Renovations, Repairs and Upgrades - Mass Development Finance Agency (MDFA)7/6/16 - 2:00 PM


Please be sure to use the latest forms when applying for State funded projects. It is the responsibility of the Prime applicant to ensure all of their sub-consultants also use the current application forms. Failure to do so will be grounds for the application to be rejected.

Please see:
Applicants Please Note - Important Updates for updates on requirements, including dates of implementation and our Most Common Mistakes document.


If you have any questions please call the DSB at (617) 727-4046. You may direct your questions to the DSB's Program Coordinator Claire Hester or Roberto Melendez, Administrative Assistant.


MBE/WBE Participation

Applicants are strongly encouraged to utilize multiple disciplines and firms to meet their MBE/WBE goals. Consultants to the prime can team within their disciplines in order to meet the MBE/WBE goals, but must state this relationship on the organizational chart (Section 6 of the application form) and submit all necessary forms.