• Current Designer Selection Board Project Listing

    Engineers and architects are advised that the following Designer Selection Board (DSB) listings are now available:
  • Designer Selection Board Open Meetings & Minutes

  • Designer Selection Board Selected Finalists  pdf format of dsbselectedfinalists8-23-17

  • Designer Selection Board (DSB)

    The Designer Selection Board (DSB) is an autonomous eleven member board that selects designers for public building construction throughout the Commonwealth. Eight members are appointed by the Governor, three of whom are registered architects, three registered engineers, and two representatives of the public who are not architect designers, engineers, or construction contractors. Three additional members are appointed by the following professional societies: The Boston Society of Architects (BSA), Design Professionals Government Affairs Council (The Engineering Center) and the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts (AGCM).

    MBE/WBE Participation:
    Applicants are strongly encouraged to utilize multiple disciplines and firms to meet their MBE/WBE goals. Consultants to the prime can team within their disciplines in order to meet the MBE/WBE goals, but must state this relationship on the organizational chart (Section 6 of the application form) and submit all necessary forms.

    How Design Services are Procured by the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
    All design services required for state building projects are listed in a Public Notice issued periodically by the state (DSB) and published concurrently in the Central Register, a weekly publication of the Office of the Secretary of State which lists design and construction procurement opportunities for all public building projects undertaken in the Commonwealth.

    Types of Design Services and Projects Advertised
    Specific services requested are listed in each ad, and typically include a wide range of architectural and engineering services and related specialties, as well as planning, programming, and urban design services. Most procurements fall into two main categories: either Project specific Study or Final Design services, or "House Doctor" contracts for Study or Final Design services on an as-needed basis for various smaller projects up to a maximum cumulative fee.

    The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) has jurisdiction over the development of building construction projects for a wide range of public agencies including higher education, public safety, human services, and parks and recreation.

    How Designers are Selected
    The DSB an autonomous eleven member board, convenes regularly to review designer applications and select and rank finalists. The board then forwards its recommendation in writing to the Commissioner of DCAMM who has authority to appoint and contract with the first selected firm.

    The commissioner shall appoint a designer from among the list transmitted to him. If the commissioner appoints any designer other than the one ranked first by the board, he shall file a written justification of the appointment with the board. The board may at their discretion request selected applicants to appear for an interview before the board.