Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court Cases

Newest Cases (Slip Opinions)
Includes opinions from the last two weeks, including Rule 1:28 unpublished decisions, available within minutes of their release. Also provides a selective e-mail service through which you can register for cases on selected topics to be sent to you. 

Cases 2001-date (including Rule 1:28 decisions beginning in February 2008), Reporter of Decisions via Lexis.
Cases don't include page numbers, but this site calls itself "official" and offers the quickest access to corrected cases.

Cases 1938-date (beginning with: v.300 Mass. and v.1 Mass. App.), Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries
Cases available by citation, name, or through a Google site search. Site also includes thousands of often-cited earlier cases, and links to briefs and oral arguments.

Cases 1804-1921 Early Massachusetts Reports, Google Books
Most volumes between v.3 and v.238 are available.These are scans of the print volumes, so you know the content is accurate, but they can be cumbersome to use.

Additional Sources

  • Cases 1915-date, Retrievelaw (Requires Library Card for access). 225 Mass (1915) - date and 1 Mass. App. (1972) - date.
  • Thacher's Criminal Cases : Reports of Criminal Cases Tried in the Municipal Court of the City of Boston before Peter Oxenbridge Thacher, Judge of that Court from 1823-1843.
  • Quincy's Reports : Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Superior Court of Judicature of the Province of Massachusetts Bay Between 1761 and 1772. By Josiah Quincy, Junior. Printed From His Original Manuscripts In The Possession Of His Son, Josiah Quincy, And Edited By His Great-Grandson, Samuel M. Quincy. With an Appendix Upon the Writs of Assistance.

Supporting Material

Cite Conversion

 Early Mass. Reports Citation Conversion . Get a Mass. Reports cite if you have a cite to one of the nominative reports, such as Metcalf or Allen.

Docket Information

Oral Arguments 

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Oral Arguments , Suffolk University Law School
"Webcasts of Supreme Judicial Court oral arguments at the John Adams Courthouse are available live while the cases are being argued. If you are interested in watching an argument on the web, please note the date of the case scheduled for argument listed below and select "View webcast" on that date. Broadcasts will also be archived so that after each argument, web site visitors will be able to review all arguments which have already occurred. The arguments can be searched by date, case title or by docket number, and will be accessible within four days of the court proceedings."

SJC Briefs

Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts: Public Case Information
"Beginning with its September, 2007 sitting, briefs filed in most cases scheduled to be argued before the Supreme Judicial Court will be available ... shortly before the sitting." Start at the docket page for an individual case to find the link to its briefs.

District Court

Massachusetts District Court Appellate Division Cases . Includes cases from 2009-date.

Land Court

Land Court Decisions . Decisions from July 2008-date available.

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