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Find a law by Popular Name: Browse our table of Massachusetts laws and regulations by name. This table was developed as an aid in finding selective Mass. General Laws by their commonly known names, because some common terms do not actually appear in the text of the statutes. In some instances, there are references to judicial decisions and agency regulations. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list or index.

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Guide to Tracing Massachusetts Law: A great source from the State Library. A step-by-step guide to tracing legislative history in Massachusetts.

Acts and Resolves, 1692-2009 , Mass. State Library. This website is easily searched by YEAR and CHAPTER NUMBER (e.g., if you are searching for Chapter 1 in the session laws of 1779-80, enter 0001 in the search box because the search box need 4 digits).

Massachusetts Historical Codes 1800-1932