Rule Changes and Invitations to Comment

This area includes notices inviting comment on proposed rules, and notices of rules which have been changed. Read more 

Rules of Professional Conduct

Here you will find information on ethics and rules of professional conduct for judges, clerks of court and attorneys. Read more

Rules of Court and Standing Orders

Not all Massachusetts Rules of Court are available online in their entirety. Efforts have been taken to ensure accuracy in all rules contained on this website. 

If there are discrepancies between the electronic versions of the rules found on this website and the official print versions that appear in a volume such as Massachusetts Reports, the print version should be considered authoritative.

Rules of Civil Procedure
Rules of Criminal Procedure
Rules of Appellate Procedure
Rules and Orders of the Supreme Judicial Court
Appeals Court Rules and Orders

The following are available through the Trial Court Law Libraries :

Massachusetts Trial Court: Uniform Rules and Procedures

Superior Court Rules, Standing Orders and Directives

District/Municipal Court

Probate and Family Court

Housing Court

Juvenile Court

Land Court

Dispute Resolution

Jury Commissioner

Federal Courts in Massachusetts

Time Standards and Case Management

Time standards and case management for court cases ensure the timely attention necessary to secure a just and expeditious determination of each case or claim. Each court sets its own time standards and case management procedures. This area includes specific standards and procedures for each court. Read more