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The names of those who passed the written portion of the July 2015 bar examination are posted on the Bar Exam Pass List .

A total of 1831 applicants sat for the July bar examination, of whom 1313 (71.7%) passed. There were 1589 first time takers, of whom 1256 (79.0%) passed the exam. The statistics are as follows:

Total Applicants

Taking exam forNumber takingNumber passingPercentage passing
First time  1589 125679.0%
Second time   100 3636.0%
Third time takers     65  1523.1%
Fourth time takers     31    412.9%
Fifth time or more takers     46    2  4.3%
Total All Examinees 1831131371.7%

To view results and statistics by law school, visit July 2015 Statistics  pdf format of July 2015 Statistics