Official Result Notification

Official result letters for the February 2015 Massachusetts Bar Examination were sent by first class postal mail to each applicant on April 23, 2015. 

The names of those who passed the written portion of the bar examination are posted on the Bar Exam Pass List .


A total of 689 applicants sat for the February bar examination, of whom 390 (56.6%) passed. There were 354 first time takers, of whom 236 (66.7%) passed the exam. The statistics are as follows:

Total Applicants

Taking exam forNumber takingNumber passingPercentage passing
First time  354 23666.7%
Second time  214 13161.2%
Third time takers    51  1223.5%
Fourth time takers    27    725.9%
Fifth time or more takers     43     49.3%
Total All Examinees  68939056.6%

To view results and statistics by law school, visit February 2015 statistics  pdf format of February 2015 statistics