Official Result Notification

Official result letters are sent by postal mail to each applicant.  Please open these letters immediately as they contain one of the following pieces of time-sensitive, important information:

1. If you passed both the written and character portions of the bar exam, a Formal Ceremony Invitation Form and Response Form (if applicable, due to the Clerk's Office by November 7, 2014) will be included with your result letter.

2. If you passed the written portion of the bar exam but further steps are to be taken relative to the BBE's character and fitness investigation, you will receive a letter indicating one of the following:

  • The Board requires that you appear before them for an Informal Oral Interview, as provided for by Board of Bar Examiners Rule V pdf format of Rule V Character and Fitness
.1.3  and you will receive notice of the scheduled interview.
  • The Board has determined that your petition for admission will be held in pending status for further action upon the resolution of one or more specified issues related to your current qualifications for admission to the Massachusetts bar.

3. If you did not pass the written portion of the bar examination, please note that time-sensitive instructions for retaking the exam and obtaining a copy of your essay answers will be included with your result letter.

Results from the July 2014 exam were mailed to applicants on October 22, 2014. The names of those who  passed the written portions of the bar examination will be publicly posted in every county clerk's office pursuant to Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:01, § 4.

For information regarding SJC Rule 3:16, Practicing with Professionalism, please see Practicing with Professionalism Course.


A total of 2096 applicants sat for the July 2014 bar examination, of whom 1598 (76.2.0%) passed. There were 1877 first time takers, of whom 1545 (82.3%) passed the exam. The statistics are as follows:

Total Applicants

Taking exam forNumber takingNumber passingPercentage passing
First time1877154582.3%
Second time    96    3031.3%
Third time takers    56    1628.6%
Fourth time takers    28     310.7%
Fifth time or more takers    39     410.3%
Total All Examinees2096159876.2%

To view results and statistics by law school, please click here pdf format of Law School Statistics July 2014