Sections 1.000-16.000

  • Table of Contents  pdf format of Table of Contents
  • 1.000 Philosophy  pdf format of 1.000 Philosophy
    1.100Purpose of the Manual
    1.200Coverage of the Manual
    1.300Trial Court Mission Statement
    1.301Human Resources Mission Statement
  • 2.000 Definitions  pdf format of 2.000 Definitions
  • Maintenance and Distribution of Manual  pdf format of Maintenance and Distribution of Manual
  • 4.00 Appointment Policies and Procedures  pdf format of 4.00 Appointment Policies and Procedures
    4.100General Requirements
    4.200Recruitment and Referral
    4.201Job Posting
    4.300Screening Of Applicants
    4.301Initial Review of Applicants
    4.302Interviews, Exams, Assessments of Applicants
    4.303Recommendations and References
    4.305Verification of Eligibility to Work in the United States
    4.306Court Activity Record Information (CORI) CHECK
    4.400Approval Process
    4.401Appointment Package
    4.402New Hires
    4.404Employees Appointed by Another Department, Division, or Administrative Office of the Trial Court
    4.405Final Approval
    4.500Record Retention
    4.600Classification and Wage Compensation System
    4.700Temporary Employment
    4.701Unpaid Volunteers and Interns
  • 5.000 Affirmative Action  pdf format of 5.000 Affirmative Action
    5.100Status and Effectiveness Report
    5.200Recruiting and Hiring
    5.300Pre-Employment Consideration
    5.400Applicant Interview and Hiring Record
    5.500Post-Employment Profile
    5.600Training and Technical Assistance
  • 6.000 Status Changes  pdf format of 6.000 Status Changes
    6.100Reclassification Procedure
    6.200Temporary Assignment of Employees
    6.201Temporary Service in a Higher Grade
    6.202Temporary Service in a Lower Grade
    6.400Statutory Designations
    6.500HR/CMS Status Changes
  • 7.000 Attendance Records  pdf format of 7.000 Attendance Records
    7.100Department Head Responsibility
    7.200Time and Attendance Policies and Procedures
  • 8.000 Conditions of Employment and Other Policies for Managerial Employees  pdf format of 8.000 Conditions of Employment and Other Policies for M
    8.100Hours of Work
    8.200Outside Employment and Business Activity
    8.301Compensation Rate for New Employees
    8.302Position Classification
    8.303Credit for Prior Service
    8.304Step Rate Increases
    8.305Salary upon Promotion
    8.400Probationary Period
    8.600Sick Leave
    8.601Accrual of Sick Leave
    8.603Use of Sick Leave
    8.604Abuse of Sick Leave
    8.605Return to Work
    8.606Extraordinary Circumstances
    8.702Working on Holidays
    8.703Eligibility for Holiday Pay
    8.704Religious Holidays
    8.705Pro-Rated Holidays for Part-Time Employees
    8.800Leave of Absence
    8.801Leave of Absence Procedure
    8.802Types of Leave
    8.803Return from Leave
    8.804Extension of Leave
    8.900Paid Personal Leave
  • 9.000 Confidential Information  pdf format of 9.000 Confidential Information
  • 10.000 Travel  pdf format of 10.000 Travel
  • 11.000 Worker's Compensation  pdf format of 11.000 Worker's Compensation
  • 12.000 Insurance and Health Benefits  pdf format of 12.000 Insurance and Health Benefits
  • 13.000 Retirement Benefits  pdf format of 13.000 Retirement Benefits
  • 14.000 Employee Benefits  pdf format of 14.000 Employee Benefits
  • 15.000 Unemployment Benefits  pdf format of 15.000 Unemployment Benefits
  • 16.000 Rules and Discipline  pdf format of 16.000 Rules and Discipline
    16.100Standards of Employee Conduct and Performance
    16.200Investigating Employee Misconduct
    16.300Disciplinary Policy
    16.400Progressive Disciplinary Policy for Union and Confidential Employees
    16.401Procedure for Imposing Progressive Discipline
    16.500Discipline or Removal of Management Employees
    16.600Exceptions to Disciplinary Policy for All Employees
    16.700Appeal and Review of Disciplinary Action for Non-union Employees
    16.800Appeal to the Advisory Committee on Personnel Standards for non-Union Employees

Sections 17.000-28.000