2016 Amnesty Pogram Closed


MA Tax Amnesty 2016 closed on May 31, 2016. This amnesty was open to business and individual taxpayers to file delinquent returns or to amend prior tax filings. Only the tax and interest owed would be due from taxpayers. Tax penalties, and any interest due on those penalties, would be waived when amnesty was approved. Taxpayers could benefit from a limited three-year lookback on unfiled returns.

For more information: Amnesty FAQs

What's Next?

Processing of Amnesty Returns will likely be completed by the end of June.

Notices for Individual Income Taxpayers Who Filed an Amnesty Return

By mid-July, DOR will begin sending notices to individual income taxpayers with information on an amnesty approval or a denial for insufficient payment.

Notices for Businesses that Filed an Amnesty Return

The Amnesty Return for businesses is processed through DOR’s new tax system, MassTaxConnect. Notices are sent to businesses with an approval or denial of amnesty generally within a week of the Amnesty Return being filed.

Amnesty Hotline: 617-887-6655