Payment TypeDOR Company ID
Corporate Excise1273435392
Corporate Extension Payment1046002280
Sales Tax - Telecommunications1273446158
Sales Tax - Goods1273435402
Sales Tax - Meals1273446200
Sales Tax - Materialman1273435402
Room Occupancy1941768776
Use Tax1273435402
Withholding - Employee1273435415
Withholding - Pension1273435415
Withholding - Lottery4602285863
Withholding - Pass Through Entities4602285863
Withholding - Performer4602285863
DOR Bill Payments
1942118965 (all taxpayers)
4602285821 (all taxpayers)
Pre-note Test1273435415 (all taxpayers)
General MA DOR Company Id2046002280 (all taxpayers)
Excise Tax (Financial Institutions, Insurances & Utilities)1273446132
Gasoline/Special Fuels/Aviation1273446145
IFTA, Ferry Embarkation Fee, Alcoholic Beverages Excise, Motor Vehicle Excise
billed by MDOR
CT-RL License Fees1273446174

Note: The company ID numbers designated by (all taxpayers) must be supplied to your financial institution in addition to any tax type for which your company is registered.