If you are the custodial parent or caretaker and you want DOR to stop providing full services on your case, sometimes referred to as "opting-out," please complete and return the Request for Termination of Full Child Support Services pdf format of Termination_Request.pdf
to the address indicated on the form.

We may not be able to close your case if:
  • You receive public assistance from the TAFDC program for the children in your case;
  • You receive Medicaid/MassHealth assistance and are required to cooperate with DOR in getting child support;
  • The other parent owes past-due support to the Commonwealth; or
  • Your case was opened because the other parent applied for services.

If there is an existing court order requiring the other parent to pay child support, please be aware of the following before you sign and return the form asking DOR to stop providing full child support services:

  • The other parent is required to continue to pay child support as long as there is a court order requiring him or her to do so. Stopping child support services does not have any effect on an existing court order and only the court can make a change to the order.

  • If the other parent pays child support by income withholding, DOR will continue to collect any payments made by income withholding and send those payments to you. That is the only service DOR will provide.

If you terminate full child support services, DOR will not:
  • Monitor payments;
  • Maintain records of how much past-due support is owed;
  • Keep track of the other parent's employer or ensure that any new employer withholds child support;
  • Ensure that an employer or health insurance provider complies with any orders requiring health care coverage; or
  • Take any action to enforce compliance with your child or medical support order such as:
    • increasing the amount of income withholding by 25%;
    • intercepting federal and state income tax refunds;
    • seizing bank accounts;
    • suspending driver's and professional licenses and motor vehicle registrations;
    • intercepting insurance claims; or
    • referring to the U.S. Department of State to deny issuance or renewal of a passport.

If you terminate full child support services, DOR will release all liens it has recorded against the other parent's property to enforce collection and will request reinstatement of any licenses suspended due to failure to pay child support.

If you believe that DOR's child support enforcement activities place you or your children at risk of harm, please call our Customer Service Center at 800-332-2733 or 617-660-1234 to discuss other options that may be available to you.

If you request that DOR terminate full child support services to you and DOR then closes your case, you may reapply for services at anytime by submitting a new Application For Services. An application for services is available here on our website or by calling our Customer Service Center.