• Department of Agricultural Resources

    The Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) works to provide a safe, local supply of high quality foods and to strengthen the economic viability of Massachusetts agriculture. DAR promotes the environmental sustainability of the agricultural industry by preserving significant farmland resources and supporting agriculture as an important part of the Commonwealth's economy.

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  • Department of Conservation and Recreation

    The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) strives to protect, preserve, manage and enhance the natural and cultural resources of the Commonwealth in order to promote healthy, livable and sustainable communities, and to connect people to these resources through recreation and education. Contact - DCR A-Z Index EventsServices and AssistanceEmployment Opportunities

  • Department of Energy Resources

    The Department of Energy Resources (DOER) is committed to creating a greener energy future for the Commonwealth. This includes: achieving all cost-effective energy efficiencies; maximizing development of greener energy resources; creating and leading implementation of energy strategies to assure reliable supplies at reasonable cost, supporting clean technology companies, and spurring employment in the clean energy industry. Contact

  • Department of Environmental Protection

    The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) works to fulfill Article 97 of the Massachusetts Constitution, which guarantees the people's right to clean air and water as well as the natural, scenic, historic, and aesthetic qualities of their environment.   ContactService and AssistanceMassDEP A to Z QuicklinksEmployment Opportunities

  • Department of Fish and Game

    The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is charged with stewardship of the Commonwealth's marine and freshwater fisheries, wildlife species, plants and natural communities, and wildlife dependent recreation. 
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  • Department of Public Utilities

    The Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is responsible for the structure and control of energy provision in the Commonwealth; monitoring service quality; regulating safety in the transportation and gas pipeline areas; and for the siting of energy facilities. The mission of the Department is to ensure that utility consumers are provided with the most reliable service at the lowest possible cost; to protect the public safety from transportation and gas pipeline related accidents; to oversee the energy facilities siting process; and to ensure that ratepayers' rights are protected. 
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