Farming Equipment

The Matching Enterprise Grants for Agriculture Program (MEGA) seeks to assist new and beginning farm businesses with start up or expansion costs. The Program offers technical and business planning assistance to support the special needs of beginning farmers. It also makes available financial assistance for equipment, infrastructure or other capital improvements needed to implement strategies recommended through the planning process.

It is the objective of the MEGA Program to assist farmers whose goal is to raise agricultural products and who aspire to develop their farms into commercially viable operations. Beginning farmers who have operated their farms commercially for 1 to no more than 5 years may apply to the Program.  Priority will be given to new farmers that have knowledge or direct experience in agriculture, and have a potential to develop or expand productivity or commercial significance with the infusion of additional technical support and capital. Ten to twelve farms have been selected for funding in each year since the Program was established in Fiscal 2011.

Funding provided from this Program will be made available on a one to one matching grant basis. The maximum award shall be $10,000. Consultants and planners provided by the Department are an additional program benefit and the value of their services is in addition to the grant award.

MEGA Applications

The Department of Agricultural Resources expects to announce an open application period for MEGA by early April 2014 and applications will be due by late June 2014.  RFRs (Request for Responses) and the policy information they contain do change from year to year.  If you would like to see a copy of the last MEGA application - click on: MEGA - Grant Application doc format of    MEGA - Grant Application  . This application is posted for informational purposes only and will not be accepted if submitted.  

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions pdf format of    MEGAFAQs.pdf  .