• Cows

    All livestock, horses, poultry, waterfowl and other animals, including cats, dogs and other pets entering Massachusetts from other states must comply with Commonwealth regulations, significantly reducing the possibility of introducing contagious disease to our domestic animal population.  Livestock dealers and transporters are licensed and their equipment and facilities inspected.  Cattle, swine, goats, sheep, llamas/camelids, horses and other equines must have valid health certificates.  All cattle, swine, sheep and goats must be identified by an official ear-tag, tattoo, microchip or registration number.  Other animals, such as poultry, waterfowl, rabbits, dogs, cats, doves, pigeons and other pets must be accompanied by an official health certificate stating that the animals are healthy, free of symptoms of infectious or transmissible disease and internal and/or external parasites.

    Animals leaving Massachusetts must comply with the regulations set by the state of destination. Visit the USDA website to view these import requirements. For animal being exported to another country call USDA/APHIS/VS at (508) 363-2290 for proper procedures.


    Healthy Animals: Guidance for Exhibitors at Fairs