Green Infrastructure Grants Awarded

On May 30, Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Rick Sullivan announced nearly $1.3 million in funding through CZM’s Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience Pilot Grant Program to support community-based efforts to reduce risks associated with coastal storms, erosion, and sea level rise through natural and nonstructural approaches called green infrastructure. The nine grant award recipients are Barnstable, Brewster, Chilmark, Duxbury Beach Reservation, Gosnold, Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group, Newbury, Plymouth, and Scituate. Projects funded this year include building and enhancing dunes and beaches, planting beach grass and other erosion-control vegetation, building ribbed mussel reefs, and implementing bioengineering techniques that stabilize eroding shorelines. Results of these pilot projects will provide valuable information for ongoing implementation and evolution of living shoreline and green best practices. For more information on this year’s Green Infrastructure Grants, see the EEA press release.

Each year, coastal communities in Massachusetts experience coastal storm damages to property, infrastructure, and natural resources, along with associated economic disruptions. These impacts are projected to worsen and broaden with the effects of climate change. Coastal structures including seawalls and revetments have been constructed to control erosion and flooding with the eventual loss of fronting beaches and neighboring properties. Natural approaches can provide coastal storm damage protection and enhance natural resources. To help communities address these issues, the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) is administering the Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience Pilot Grants Program through its StormSmart Coasts program. This grant program provides financial and technical resources to advance the understanding and implementation of natural approaches to mitigating coastal erosion and flooding problems. Grants will support the planning, feasibility assessment, design, permitting, construction, and monitoring/evaluation of green infrastructure projects that implement natural or living shoreline approaches.

As part of the Patrick Administration’s continued efforts for coordinated climate change preparedness, funding is available for a second round of grants under this program. A new Request for Responses will be issued this fall.

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What information is available to support the development of effective proposals?

CZM encourages applicants to review the following information when developing a proposal for this grant program:

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