In January 2015, the Commonwealth of MA modified certain MassParks day use parking fees, including the following:

  • An increase in day use parking fees at parks and beaches that charge a parking fee.  In addition, the day use parking fee for vehicles with out-of-state license plates is now slightly higher than for those with Massachusetts license plates.
  • An increase in fees for the annual MassParks Pass to $60 for MA residents and to $85 for non-MA residents.   The charge for adding a second vehicle to an Annual Pass is now $25. 
  • Effective March 15, 2015, a new, one-time fee of $10 for a lifetime Senior MassParks Pass for Massachusetts residents 62 years or older.  DCR will continue to honor Senior MassParks Passes previously issued by the agency.

The new revenue raised by the increased fees will be used by DCR to address critical staffing and infrastructure needs across the state park system.  DCR has been sensitive to the economy, and we have not increased our day use fees statewide since 2004.

Link to the new regulations that show all of the DCR fee increases, including for day use parking, camping, permit, pavilions, and other licenses, permits, and services pdf format of 801 CMR 4.02 (302) Fees for Licenses, Permits & Service

In the coming weeks, DCR will post individual park day use parking fees by location on this website.  Visitors may also see park signage for updated fee information.

DCR’s Annual MassParks Pass covers day use parking fees for one calendar year at most facilities where parking fees are charged.  (For a listing of those facilities, visit the Day Use Parking Fees webpage.)

Issued for one vehicle, the Annual MassParks Pass is a durable plastic hangtag with sticker running for the period of one calendar year, from January through December.   

Annual MassParks Pass Fees

The fee for an Annual MassParks Pass is $60 per calendar year for Massachusetts residents and $85 per calendar year for non-Massachusetts residents.  Holders of Annual MassParks Passes may purchase a second car sticker for $25.  (Second Car stickers are affixed to the Pass and permit a second family vehicle registration number/license plate number to be added, allowing Annual MassPark Pass holders to alternate the Pass between two family vehicles.   The second car sticker does not allow two separate vehicles to park at the same time.)

How to Purchase a DCR Annual MassParks Pass

At DCR Parks

Annual MassParks Passes may be purchased at parks and beaches that charge daily parking fees during the period that parking fees are charged.  Most parks and beaches charge parking fees from mid-May through early September, some charge through early October, and several charge parking fees year-round.  Typically, Annual MassParks Passes will be available for sale at the contact station. Please keep in mind that most parks can only accept cash or check made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and cannot accept credit cards.   A driver’s license or proof of residency is required. 

Through Reserve America

MassParks is pleased to offer Annual MassParks Passes through Reserve America, the agency’s reservation service provider.  Please call 1-877-422-6762 or visit their website to order your MassParks Pass.  ReserveAmerica accepts a variety of customer payment choices, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, personal checks, and money orders (no American Express and debit cards.)
Please have your vehicle plate number(s) available and specify whether you are purchasing a resident or non-resident Annual MassParks Pass and whether you wish to purchase a second car sticker.  There is a $2.75 charge for reservation services.   Passes will be mailed to your home within seven (7) days.

Annual Mass Parks Pass Parking Fee Waiver

Day use parking fees are waived for vehicles issued an Annual MassParks Pass, in addition to holders of a Senior MassParks Pass and vehicles bearing a handicapped license plate or placard, Purple Heart Recipient license plate or disabled veteran license plate, from any state.  These waivers do not apply to camping fees and their use is subject to available parking.  DCR does not waive day use parking fees for holders of fishing or hunting licenses, National Park passes, or other states’ annual passes.

Car Sharing Programs Procedure

Visitors who belong to car sharing programs may purchase an annual MassParks Pass provided they present their membership ID at the time of purchase.  Staff should write the car share name and membership number on the hangtag in the place where a license plate is written.  For example “ZIP145627.”   When parking in a Massachusetts State Park the Zip Car Member must have the car share program ID ready to show at the gate so DCR staff can cross check the ID number.   While patrolling parking areas for compliance, staff should cross check any hangtag with a car sharing program membership number on it with the vehicle for the identifying car share logo.

Quabbin Reservoir

The Annual MassParks Pass is not valid at Quabbin Reservoir.

Give the Gift of Adventure – An Annual MassParks Pass! 

The Annual MassParks Pass Makes a Perfect Gift for Any Occasion!
Purchase a MassParks Pass as a gift for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, or just to a put a smile on someone's face. Gift cards are available upon request.