Camping Reservations

Yurt at Otter River State Forest

Advanced reservations are available for 29 state forests and park campgrounds. 

Reservations may be made as early as six months prior to the date of arrival, and as late as one day prior to arrival. Customers may make camping reservations for up to 4 stays at one time; however, reservations are limited to 14 cumulative days in any one park between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

There is a 2 day minimum on most reservations. 

Please note:

  • Customers must be 18 years or older to make a reservation.
  • Photo ID is required upon registration at the campground.
  • Reservation confirmations are provided by email only.
  • Customers are responsible for reviewing the reservation, cancellation, and Internet use policies.

Reserve a Campsite

Place a MassParks camping reservation through ReserveAmerica either online or by phone.

Book a campground

United States and Canada
1-877-422-6762 or 1-877-I-CAMP-MA

TTY Customers

Outside United States and Canada
518-884-4959 (Long distance charges apply)

Call Center Hours
Between April and Labor Day
8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Sunday

Between September and March
9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday  
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday and Sunday

Campground Open Close Dates 2016  pdf format of Campground Open Close Dates 2016

Provides the dates when campsites can be reserved and other information such as campground services and fees.

What's New in MassParks Camping

News and events for the current camping season.

Reservation Payment Information

Credit Card Payments
Credit card payments are accepted (Visa, Mastercard and Discover). 

Personal Check
With personal check or money order transactions, full payment is required within ten (10) days of making the reservation. 

Charges, Fees, and Policies

Campground fees depend on the type of campground and the services provided. See Campground Fees for more information.

Fees are subject to change.

Also, review the policies for additional information regarding reservations, transferring reservations, and cancellations.


Asian Longhorned Beetle

Help us protect your forests and parks by not transporting firewood. 

Please remember:

  • Massachusetts State Parks prohibits the transportation of firewood in to or out of its campground facilities. 
  • Arriving customers must get their firewood at the campground.
  • Pest-free and disease-free firewood is available at the contact station for $5 per bundle. Pricing may vary at parks with camp stores.

MassParks are at risk of severe damage from invasive species such as the Asian Longhorned Beetle and the Emerald Ash Borer. Invasive species have devastated forests in the US Midwest, and have recently been found in the Worcester, Boston, and Dalton Massachusetts areas. Once a forest is infested, eradication of an invasive pest involves devastating measures such as the removal of entire stands of trees or forested areas.