Spring 2014
Freshwater anglers can look forward to the nearly 500,000 brook, brown, rainbow, and tiger trout from the Division’s five hatcheries that will be stocked this spring. Between drought conditions that prevailed much of last summer and the extremely cold, icy, and snowy conditions of this winter, it has been a challenging year for trout hatchery managers.  Nevertheless, the nearly 500,000 fish being stocked this spring, coupled with the more than 67,000 12+ inch trout stocked last fall should provide some excellent fishing in the coming months. With 71% of fish measuring over 12 inches in length and 41% over 14 inches, freshwater anglers can expect a great spring. Due to the delayed spring thaw, trout stocking may not begin in some areas of the state until the first week in April.

Anglers are encouraged to check the trout stocking schedule for the district near you, or contact individual district offices for the latest stocking information. Trout stocking schedules will be updated every Friday between March and Memorial Day in May.

2014 Spring Trout Facts

  • 195,000 rainbows over 14″
  • 71,000 rainbows over 12″
  • 12,000 rainbows between 9-12″
  • 500 brown trout over 18″
  • 43,000 brown trout over 12″
  • 81,000 brown trout between 9-12″
  • 1,250 brook trout over 15″
  • 31,200 brook trout over 12″
  • 38,200 brook trout between 9-12″
  • 10,000 brook trout between 6-9″
  • 4,700 tiger trout over 14″

Fall Trout Stocking varies each year. Stocking takes place during a 2-week period (depending on water temperatures), beginning in the last week of September and ending before Columbus Day weekend. Due to the short stocking season, fall stocking activity will not be posted on the website’s stocking schedule. Contact your local DFW office for details on fall stocking in your area or the area you are interested in. See the Trout Stocked Waters page for a list of Massachusetts waters that are usually stocked in the fall.

Fresh water anglers are reminded that the use of lead sinkers and lead jigs weighing less than one ounce, regardless of whether they are painted, coated with rubber, covered by attached "skirts" or some other material, is prohibited. More info...