Wildlife lands, including all Wildlife Management Areas (WMA), can now be viewed using the MassWildlife Lands Viewer. This new tool shows land owned jointly by the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) and the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife) throughout the Commonwealth. The MassWildlife Lands Viewer replaces the official printed maps; however, maps can be customized and printed using the Viewer.

Get Started
Click on the link below to launch the MassWildlife Lands Viewer, and use the two drop-down menus in the upper left to search by town or by property name. Once you have panned/zoomed to a property, click on the Print button or use the Share button to generate a link to the map extent you have created. The Help section provides additional information about the map and its features.

Explore your MassWildlife Lands

More About Wildlife Lands
Wildlife Lands are public lands for people to enjoy. The MassWildlife Lands Viewer will help prepare you to explore these properties with your rod and reel, bow, gun, knapsack, canoe, camera, or binoculars!

Wildlife lands are protected primarily to provide habitat for wildlife and to give people a place to relax and explore the great outdoors. For the most part, wildlife lands are open to hunting, fishing, trapping, birdwatching, and other wildlife related recreation. Users will find unmarked trails or woods roads with simple, unpaved parking lots. State wildlife lands are owned in partnership with the DFG and are managed by the MassWildlife. Many of these properties are actively managed through mowing, cutting, prescribed burns, or other activities that benefit of wildlife. Regulations govern the activities allowed on these lands and focus on passive recreation. Motorized vehicles, for instance, are not permitted on state wildlife lands.

To learn more about wildlife lands, visit our Land Protection Program pages. To learn about land acquisitions,visit our Land Acquisitions page.

These maps are provided for recreational use and show approximate rather than legal descriptions of property boundaries.