Current as of June, 2013

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Click the PDF in the table below to view a map. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, which can be downloaded for free. These maps depict how the growing areas were classified as of June, 2013.  For the most current classification information, contact your local city or town shellfish constable or DMF's Shellfish Project.

Buzzards Bay

CodeGrowing Area NameAcresPDF
BB1Westport South Coastal 17,033BB1 - Westport South Coastal
BB2Richmond Pond 54BB2 - Richmond Pond
BB3West Branch Westport River 1,381BB3 - West Branch Westport River
BB4East Branch Westport River 1,959BB4 - East Branch Westport River
BB5Little Beach Coastal 6,531BB5 - Little Beach Coastal
BB6Allens Pond 187BB6 - Allens Pond
BB7Dartmouth Center Coastal 4,528BB7 - Dartmouth Center Coastal
BB8Slocums River 467BB8 - Slocums River
BB9Little River 117BB9 - Little River
BB10Smith Neck South Coastal 3,977BB10 - Smith Neck South Coastal
BB11Dartmouth East Coastal 6,873BB11 - Dartmouth East Coastal
BB12Apponagansett Bay 672BB12 - Apponagansett Bay
BB13Clark Cove 1,198BB13 - Clark Cove
BB14New Bedford East Coastal 9,279BB14 - New Bedford East Coastal
BB15New Bedford/Fairhaven Harbor 4,671BB15 - New Bedford/Fairhaven Harbor
BB16Fairhaven South Coastal 4,811BB16 - Fairhaven South Coastal
BB17West Island South 566BB17 - West Island South
BB18West Island North 386BB18 - West Island North
BB19West Island East Coastal 11,677BB19 - West Island East Coastal
BB20Fairhaven East Coastal 4,693BB20 - Fairhaven East Coastal
BB21Nasketucket Bay 1,534BB21 - Nasketucket Bay
BB22Little Bay 313BB22 - Little Bay
BB23Brandt Island Cove 142BB23 - Brandt Island Cove
BB24Mattapoisett South Coastal 2,597BB24 - Mattapoisett South Coastal
BB25Mattapoisett Harbor 1,989BB25 - Mattapoisett Harbor
BB26Mattapoisett River 30BB26 - Mattapoisett River
BB27Eel Pond 21BB27 - Eel Pond
BB28North Buzzards Bay 9,319BB28 - North Buzzards Bay
BB29Point Connett 135BB29 - Point Connett
BB30Hiller Cove 58BB30 - Hiller Cove
BB31Aucoot Cove 324BB31 - Aucoot Cove
BB32Sippican Harbor 1,814BB32 - Sippican Harbor
BB33Stony Point Dike 5,006BB33 - Stony Point Dike
BB34Wings Cove 210BB34 - Wings Cove
BB35Weweantic River 540BB35 - Weweantic River
BB36Wareham River 915BB36 - Wareham River
BB37Little Harbor/Bourne Cove 164BB37 - Little Harbor/Bourne Cove
BB38Wings Neck North 2,024BB38 - Wings Neck North
BB39Widow Cove 261BB39 - Widow Cove
BB40Onset Bay 733BB40 - Onset Bay
BB41Sunset Cove 110BB41 - Sunset Cove
BB42East River System 113BB42 - East River System
BB43Fisherman Cove 386BB43 - Fisherman Cove
BB44Buttermilk Bay 514BB44 - Buttermilk Bay
BB45Cape Cod Canal 750BB45 - Cape Cod Canal
BB46Phinneys Harbor 721BB46 - Phinneys Harbor
BB47Back River/Eel Pond 99BB47 - Back River/Eel Pond
BB48Pocasset River 34BB48 - Pocasset River
BB49Pocasset And Red Brook Harbors 1,374BB49 - Pocasset And Red Brook Harbors
BB50Megansett Harbor 1,021BB50 - Megansett Harbor
BB51North Falmouth Outer Harbor 5,059BB51 - North Falmouth Outer Harbor
BB52Wild Harbor/Wild Harbor River 107BB52 - Wild Harbor/Wild Harbor River
BB53Herring Brook 7BB53 - Herring Brook
BB54West Falmouth Harbor 179BB54 - West Falmouth Harbor
BB55Falmouth West Coastal 12,219BB55 - Falmouth West Coastal
BB56Great Sippiwisset Marsh 30BB56 - Great Sippiwisset Marsh
BB57Little Sippiwisset Marsh 15BB57 - Little Sippiwisset Marsh
BB58Quissett Harbor 113BB58 - Quissett Harbor

Cape Cod Bay

CodeGrowing Area NameAcresPDF
CCB1 Herring Cove/Long Point 18,794CCB1 - Herring Cove/Long Point
CCB2 Hatches Harbor 82CCB2 - Hatches Harbor
CCB3 Provincetown Outer Harbor 5,461CCB3 - Provincetown Outer Harbor
CCB4 Provincetown Inner Harbor 5,065CCB4 - Provincetown Inner Harbor
CCB5 The Breakwater 143CCB5 - The Breakwater
CCB6 Truro West Coastal 9,035CCB6 - Truro West Coastal
CCB7 Pamet River 52CCB7 - Pamet River
CCB8 Wellfleet West Coastal 14,438CCB8 - Wellfleet West Coastal
CCB9 Eastham West Coastal 17,625CCB9 - Eastham West Coastal
CCB10 Hatches Creek 2CCB10 - Hatches Creek
CCB11 Wellfleet Harbor 5,169CCB11 - Wellfleet Harbor
CCB12 Herring River 209CCB12 - Herring River
CCB13 Wellfleet Inner Harbor 211CCB13 - Wellfleet Inner Harbor
CCB14 Loagy Bay 381CCB14 - Loagy Bay
CCB15 Herring River 29CCB15 - Herring River
CCB16 Boat Meadow River 24CCB16 - Boat Meadow River
CCB17 Orleans North Coastal 3,238CCB17 - Orleans North Coastal
CCB18 Rock Harbor 8CCB18 - Rock Harbor
CCB19 Little Namskaket Creek 4CCB19 - Little Namskaket Creek
CCB20 Brewster North Coastal 10,677CCB20 - Brewster North Coastal
CCB21 Namskaket Creek 12CCB21 - Namskaket Creek
CCB22 Stony Brook 8CCB22 - Stony Brook
CCB23 Dennis North Coastal 15,039CCB23 - Dennis North Coastal
CCB24 Quivett Creek 16CCB24 - Quivett Creek
CCB25 Sesuit Harbor 41CCB25 - Sesuit Harbor
CCB26 Yarmouth North Coastal 3,919CCB26 - Yarmouth North Coastal
CCB27 Chase Garden Creek 98CCB27 - Chase Garden Creek
CCB28 Bass Creek & Lone Tree Creek 30CCB28 - Bass Creek
CCB29 Mill Creek & Short Wharf Creek 37CCB29 - Mill Creek
CCB30 Barnstable North Coastal 13,769CCB30 - Barnstable North Coastal
CCB31 Barnstable Harbor 2,131CCB31 - Barnstable Harbor
CCB32 Barnstable Inner Harbor 22CCB32 - Barnstable Inner Harbor
CCB33 Barnstable Marshes 204CCB33 - Barnstable Marshes
CCB34 Scorton Creek 147CCB34 - Scorton Creek
CCB35 Sandwich North Coastal 14,904CCB35 - Sandwich North Coastal
CCB36 Scorton Harbor 33CCB36 - Scorton Harbor
CCB37 Sandwich Harbor 77CCB37 - Sandwich Harbor
CCB38 Bourne North Coastal 2,848CCB38 - Bourne North Coastal
CCB39 Plymouth South Coastal 18,950CCB39 - Plymouth South Coastal
CCB40 Ellisville Harbor 8CCB40 - Ellisville Harbor
CCB41 Plymouth North Coastal 23,210CCB41 - Plymouth North Coastal
CCB42 Plymouth Harbor 3,754CCB42 - Plymouth Harbor
CCB43 Kingston Bay 1,294CCB43 - Kingston Bay
CCB44 Jones River 66CCB44 - Jones River
CCB45 Duxbury Bay 4,644CCB45 - Duxbury Bay
CCB46 Bluefish River 96CCB46 - Bluefish River
CCB47 Back River 411CCB47 - Back River
CCB48 Northwest Cape Cod Bay 49,701CCB48 - Northwest Cape Cod Bay
CCB49 Northeast Cape Cod Bay 51,056CCB49 - Northeast Cape Cod Bay
CCB50 Southeast Cape Cod Bay 61,707CCB50 - Southeast Cape Cod Bay
CCB51 Southwest Cape Cod Bay 52,775CCB51 - Southwest Cape Cod Bay

Elizabethan Islands

CodeGrowing Area NameAcresPDF
E1Naushon Island West Coastal19,911E1 - Naushon Island West Coastal
E2Hadleys Harbor163E2 - Hadleys Harbor
E3Northwest Gutter39E3 - Northwest Gutter
E4Gosnold West Coastal25,689E4 - Gosnold West Coastal
E5Robinsons Hole250E5 - Robinsons Hole
E6Quicks Hole586E6 - Quicks Hole
E7Quicks Hole Pond80E7 - Quicks Hole Pond
E8Cuttyhunk Harbor408E8 - Cuttyhunk Harbor
E9Cuttyhunk Pond105E9 - Cuttyhunk Pond
E10Westend Pond38E10 - Westend Pond
E11Gosnold East Coastal22,935E11 - Gosnold East Coastal
E12Naushon East Coastal10,981E12 - Naushon East Coastal
E13Tarpaulin Cove199E13 - Tarpaulin Cove
E14Lackeys Bay244E14 - Lackeys Bay

Greater Boston Harbor

CodeGrowing Area NameAcresPDF
GBH1 Hingham And Hull Bays 8,976GBH1 - Hingham And Hull Bays
GBH2 Quincy Bay 6,244GBH2 - Quincy Bay
GBH3 Neponset River & Dorchester Bay 4,836GBH3 - Neponset River
GBH4 Boston Inner Harbor 2,780GBH4 - Boston Inner Harbor
GBH5 North Boston Harbor 2,240GBH5 - North Boston Harbor
GBH6 Boston Outer Harbor 5,408GBH6 - Boston Outer Harbor

Massachusetts Bay

CodeGrowing Area NameAcresPDF
MB1 Duxbury Beach 13,333MB1 - Duxbury Beach
MB2 Marshfield East Coastal 9,874MB2 - Marshfield East Coastal
MB3 Green Harbor 58MB3 - Green Harbor
MB4 Scituate South Coastal 13,195MB4 - Scituate South Coastal
MB5 North River 460MB5 - North River
MB6 South River 477MB6 - South River
MB7 Scituate Harbor 193MB7 - Scituate Harbor
MB8 Scituate North Coastal 14,682MB8 - Scituate North Coastal
MB9 Cohasset North Coastal 9,415MB9 - Cohasset North Coastal
MB10 Cohasset Harbor 608MB10 - Cohasset Harbor
MB11 Little Harbor 177MB11 - Little Harbor
MB12 Nantasket Beach 6,129MB12 - Nantasket Beach
MB13 Outer Boston Harbor Islands 8,231MB13 - Outer Boston Harbor Islands
MB14 Massachusetts Bay 69,796MB14 - Massachusetts Bay

Mount Hope Bay

CodeGrowing Area NameAcresPDF
MHB1 Mount Hope Bay 1,602MHB1 - Mount Hope Bay
MHB2 Taunton River 3,681MHB2 - Taunton River
MHB3 Lee River 740MHB3 - Lee River
MHB4 Cole River 716MHB4 - Cole River
MHB5 Palmer River 106MHB5 - Palmer River

North Shore

CodeGrowing Area NameAcresPDF
N1 Salisbury Beach 9,250N1 - Salisbury Beach
N2 Merrimack River 2,541N2 - Merrimack River
N3 Plum Island 15,196N3 - Plum Island
N4 Plum Island Sound 3,660N4 - Plum Island Sound
N5 Ipswich River 423N5 - Ipswich River
N6 Cranes Beach 7,006N6 - Cranes Beach
N7 Essex Bay 2,014N7 - Essex Bay
N8 Coffins Beach 2,664N8 - Coffins Beach
N9 Annisquam River Gloucester Harbor 2,516N9 - Annisquam River Gloucester Harbor
N10 Outer North Gloucester 8,736N10 - Outer North Gloucester
N11 Rockport 32,291N11 - Rockport
N12 Good Harbor Beach 2,428N12 - Good Harbor Beach
N13 Eastern Point 7,326N13 - Eastern Point
N14 Magnolia 6,746N14 - Magnolia
N15 Manchester 11,561N15 - Manchester
N16 Beverly 4,151N16 - Beverly
N17 Danvers River 1,344N17 - Danvers River
N18 Salem Harbor 969N18 - Salem Harbor
N19 Folger/Peaches Point 8,317N19 - Folger/Peaches Point
N20 Marblehead Harbor 488N20 - Marblehead Harbor
N21 Marblehead 11,053N21 - Marblehead
N22 Swampscott 6,069N22 - Swampscott
N23 Lynn 3,383N23 - Lynn
N24 Nahant Bay 2,879N24 - Nahant Bay
N25 Nahant Harbor 7,277N25 - Nahant Harbor
N26 Lynn Hbr and Saugus/Pines Rivers 5,651N26 - Lynn Hbr and Saugus/Pines Rivers
N27 Winthrop Beach 4,359N27 - Winthrop Beach
N28 Deer Island 11,581N28 - Deer Island

Nantucket Sound

CodeGrowing Area NameAcresPDF
NS1 Nantucket Sound NE Center 39,300NS1 - Nantucket Sound NE Center
NS2 Nantucket Sound SE Center 45,881NS2 - Nantucket Sound SE Center
NS3 Nantucket Sound SW Center 31,858NS3 - Nantucket Sound SW Center
NS4 Nantucket Sound NW Center 33,548NS4 - Nantucket Sound NW Center


CodeGrowing Area NameAcresPDF
NT1 Nantucket Northeast Coastal 20,401NT1 - Nantucket Northeast Coastal
NT2 Nantucket Harbor West 1,125NT2 - Nantucket Harbor West
NT3 Nantucket Harbor East 1,667NT3 - Nantucket Harbor East
NT4 Polpis Harbor 189NT4 - Polpis Harbor
NT5 Head Of The Harbor 1,764NT5 - Head Of The Harbor
NT6 Coskata Pond 57NT6 - Coskata Pond
NT7 Nantucket East Coastal 22,895NT7 - Nantucket East Coastal
NT8 Nantucket Southeast Coastal 28,551NT8 - Nantucket Southeast Coastal
NT9 Sesachacha Pond 278NT9 - Sesachacha Pond
NT10 Nantucket Southwest Coastal 18,089NT10 - Nantucket Southwest Coastal
NT11 Madaket Harbor 980NT11 - Madaket Harbor
NT12 Nantucket Northwest Coastal 13,642NT12 - Nantucket Northwest Coastal
NT13 Tuckernuck Island 22,580NT13 - Tuckernuck Island
NT14 Muskeget Island 26,368NT14 - Muskeget Island

Outer Cape Cod

CodeGrowing Area NameAcresPDF
OC1 Nauset Beach South Coastal 53,670OC1 - Nauset Beach South Coastal
OC2 Nauset Harbor 357OC2 - Nauset Harbor
OC3 Mill Pond 76OC3 - Mill Pond
OC4 Town Cove 405OC4 - Town Cove
OC5 Nauset Marsh 677OC5 - Nauset Marsh
OC6 Salt Pond 22OC6 - Salt Pond
OC7 Nauset Beach North Coastal 9,772OC7 - Nauset Beach North Coastal
OC8 Wellfleet East Coastal 14,050OC8 - Wellfleet East Coastal
OC9 Truro East Coastal 31,767OC9 - Truro East Coastal
OC10 Provincetown North Coastal 18,905OC10 - Provincetown North Coastal

South Cape Cod

CodeGrowing Area NameAcresPDF
SC1 Woods Hole West Coastal 417SC1 - Woods Hole West Coastal
SC2 Great Harbor 285SC2 - Great Harbor
SC3 Woods Hole Outer Harbor 2,274SC3 - Woods Hole Outer Harbor
SC4 Little Harbor 72SC4 - Little Harbor
SC5 South Falmouth Coastal 3,510SC5 - South Falmouth Coastal
SC6 Oyster Pond 64SC6 - Oyster Pond
SC7 Salt Pond 62SC7 - Salt Pond
SC8 East Falmouth Coastal 6,719SC8 - East Falmouth Coastal
SC9 Falmouth Inner Harbor 38SC9 - Falmouth Inner Harbor
SC10 Little Pond 43SC10 - Little Pond
SC11 Great Pond 284SC11 - Great Pond
SC12 Green Pond 136SC12 - Green Pond
SC13 Bournes Pond 159SC13 - Bournes Pond
SC14 Eel Pond 258SC14 - Eel Pond
SC15 Waquoit Bay 1,048SC15 - Waquoit Bay
SC16 Little and Great Rivers Complex 321SC16 - Little and Great Rivers Complex
SC17 Mashpee South Coastal 9,884SC17 - Mashpee South Coastal
SC18 Barnstable South Coastal 26,934SC18 - Barnstable South Coastal
SC19 Popponesset Bay 457SC19 - Popponesset Bay
SC20 Mashpee River and Shoestring Bay 270SC20 - Mashpee River and Shoestring Bay
SC21 Cotuit Bay 582SC21 - Cotuit Bay
SC22 West Bay 344SC22 - West Bay
SC23 North Bay 409SC23 - North Bay
SC24 East Bay and Centerville River 157SC24 - East Bay and Centerville River
SC25 Bumps River 62SC25 - Bumps River
SC26 Squaw Island 53SC26 - Squaw Island
SC27 Hyannis Harbor 1,016SC27 - Hyannis Harbor
SC28 Lewis Bay 1,244SC28 - Lewis Bay
SC29 Yarmouth South Coastal 12,116SC29 - Yarmouth South Coastal
SC30 Parkers River & Seine Pond 117SC30 - Parkers River
SC31 Lewis Pond 52SC31 - Lewis Pond
SC32 Dennis South Coastal 8,817SC32 - Dennis South Coastal
SC33 Bass River South 231SC33 - Bass River South
SC34 Bass River Center 395SC34 - Bass River Center
SC35 Bass River North 375SC35 - Bass River North
SC36 Swan Pond 183SC36 - Swan Pond
SC37 Harwich South Coastal 7,045SC37 - Harwich South Coastal
SC38 Herring River 46SC38 - Herring River
SC39 Allens Harbor 23SC39 - Allens Harbor
SC40 Wychmere Harbor 14SC40 - Wychmere Harbor
SC41 Saquatucket Harbor 16SC41 - Saquatucket Harbor
SC42 Chatham South Coastal 4,692SC42 - Chatham South Coastal
SC43 Red River 1SC43 - Red River
SC44 Mill Creek 19SC44 - Mill Creek
SC45 Taylors Pond 12SC45 - Taylors Pond
SC46 Bucks & Cockle Cove Creek 55SC46 - Bucks
SC47 Monomoy Island 37,831SC47 - Monomoy Island
SC48 Stage Harbor 339SC48 - Stage Harbor
SC49 Oyster Pond River 171SC49 - Oyster Pond River
SC50 Oyster Pond 318SC50 - Oyster Pond
SC51 Mitchell River and Mill Ponds 59SC51 - Mitchell River and Mill Ponds
SC52N Chatham Harbor North 1,788SC52N - Chatham Harbor North
SC52S Chatham Harbor South 617SC52S - Chatham Harbor South
SC53 Pleasant Bay 1,832SC53 - Pleasant Bay
SC54 Bassing Harbor 84SC54 - Bassing Harbor
SC55 Crows Pond 119SC55 - Crows Pond
SC56 Ryders Cove 102SC56 - Ryders Cove
SC57 Frostfish Cove 14SC57 - Frostfish Cove
SC58 Muddy Creek 39SC58 - Muddy Creek
SC59 Round Cove 14SC59 - Round Cove
SC60 Quanset Pond 15SC60 - Quanset Pond
SC61 Little Pleasant Bay 2,052SC61 - Little Pleasant Bay
SC62 Pochet Creek 146SC62 - Pochet Creek
SC63 Namequoit River 323SC63 - Namequoit River
SC64 Paw Wah Pond 6SC64 - Paw Wah Pond

Martha's Vineyard

CodeGrowing Area NameAcresPDF
V1 Menemsha Bight 11,399V1 - Menemsha Bight
V2 Menemsha Inlet and Pond 691V2 - Menemsha Inlet and Pond
V3 Nashaquitsa and Stonewall Pond 117V3 - Nashaquitsa and Stonewall Pond
V4 Chilmark North Coastal 7,482V4 - Chilmark North Coastal
V5 West Tisbury North Coastal 6,036V5 - West Tisbury North Coastal
V6 James Pond 47V6 - James Pond
V7 Tisbury North Coastal 4,205V7 - Tisbury North Coastal
V8 Lake Tashmoo 264V8 - Lake Tashmoo
V9 Oak Bluffs North Coastal 2,597V9 - Oak Bluffs North Coastal
V10 Vineyard Haven Harbor 981V10 - Vineyard Haven Harbor
V11 Lagoon Pond 545V11 - Lagoon Pond
V12 Edgartown North Coastal 12,941V12 - Edgartown North Coastal
V13 Edgartown Outer Harbor 8,624V13 - Edgartown Outer Harbor
V14 Oak Bluffs Harbor 35V14 - Oak Bluffs Harbor
V15 Farm Pond 34.7V15 - Hamlin Pond and Farm Pond
V16 Sengekontacket Pond 745V16 - Sengekontacket Pond
V17 Eel Pond 65V17 - Eel Pond
V18 Chappaquiddick Beach 820V18 - Chappaquiddick Beach
V19 Edgartown Inner Harbor 241V19 - Edgartown Inner Harbor
V20 Katama Bay 1,236V20 - Katama Bay
V21 Cape Poge Bay 1,478V21 - Cape Poge Bay
V22 Pocha Pond 229V22 - Pocha Pond
V23 Edgartown East Coastal 31,305V23 - Edgartown East Coastal
V24 Edgartown South Coastal 21,543V24 - Edgartown South Coastal
V25 Crackatuxet Cove 35V25 - Crackatuxet Cove
V26 Edgartown Great Pond 885V26 - Edgartown Great Pond
V27 Jobs Neck Pond 66V27 - Jobs Neck Pond
V28 Paqua Pond 10V28 - Paqua Pond
V29 Oyster Pond 165V29 - Oyster Pond
V30 Martha's Vineyard South Coastal 25,141V30 - Martha's Vineyard South Coastal
V31 Tisbury Great Pond 804V31 - Tisbury Great Pond
V32 Chilmark Pond 206V32 - Chilmark Pond
V33 Gay Head South Coastal 14,235V33 - Gay Head South Coastal
V34 Nomans Land 21,236V34 - Nomans Land
V35 Squibnocket Pond 628V35 - Squibnocket Pond
V36 Harthaven Harbor4.44V36 - Harthaven Harbor