Emission limits, pollution control standards, and permit requirements for a range of facilities and activities.Through these regulations, MassDEP prevents and controls air pollution where it originates to ensure abundant clean air for Massachusetts residents, workers and visitors.

310 CMR 7.00 et. seq.: Air Pollution Control  pdf format of 310 CMR 7.00 et. seq.: Air Pollution Control
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These regulations were last amended in August 2017 (Greenhouse Gas Emissions). MassDEP has proposed additional amendments to these regulations.
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Air Plan Approval Applications

Forms and instructions for owner/operators of facilities that are being newly built, substantially reconstructed or altered and have the potential to cause or contribute to air pollution.

Asbestos & Construction/Demolition Notifications

Asbestos information, including forms and instructions for notifying MassDEP and the Department of Labor Standards (DLS) about asbestos abatement, construction and demolition projects.

Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Boilers

Information, forms and instructions for owner/operators of boilers subject to air plan approval and compliance certification requirements, temporary boilers that can be installed without site-specific permits, and federal area source standards that apply to boilers fueled by oil, coal or wood/biomass.

Facility-Wide Emission Restrictions, Caps & Reporting

A number of Massachusetts facilities operate with voluntary or imposed limits on their emissions of specific air pollutants. They are required to keep on-site records of operating parameters, and many also must report monthly and 12-month rolling emissions data to MassDEP.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reporting & Verification

Registration, reporting and verification forms for facilities subject to the MassDEP mandatory GHG emissions reporting regulation.

Massachusetts Rideshare Program

Base year, update, summary of commute data and related forms and instructions for business and institutions that are subject to annual reporting requirements under the Massachusetts Rideshare Regulation.

Operating Permit & Reporting Forms

Facilities that are major sources of air pollution, have the potential to emit specific pollutants above certain thresholds, or fall into specific categories are required to obtain Title V Operating Permits and periodically report to MassDEP.

Outdoor Hydronic Heater Certification

Only units that are EPA Phase 2 "white tag" qualified and whose manufacturers have filed compliance certifications with MassDEP may be sold for installation in Massachusetts. 

Output Reporting

Forms and instructions for owners/operators of facilities subject to MassDEP Ozone Season Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and/or Annual Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitoring and reporting regulations.

Stage I & II Vapor Recovery

Notification and certification forms and instructions for gas station and fleet fueling facility owner/operators and Stage II system testing companies.

Source Registration

Annual online filing information and instructions for facilities that exceed specific energy use or potential emission thresholds and are subject to Source Registration requirements.

Stationary Engines & Turbines

State and federal permitting and compliance certification information, instructions and forms for generators, fire pumps, combined heat and power units, and non-road engines.
Don't see what you're looking for? View all Air Quality Permit Applications and Forms categories.