310 CMR 7.00: Current Regulations

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    These regulations were last amended in January 2015 (Stage I & II Vapor Recovery). MassDEP has proposed additional amendments to these regulations.
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    Due to a court ruling, the federal Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) was replaced by the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) on January 1, 2015.  Although Massachusetts is not subject to the new rule, facilities in the state must continue to monitor and report nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions to the EPA Clean Air Markets Division.
    7.00: Statutory Authority, Legend, Preamble & Definitions
    7.01: General Regulations to Prevent Air Pollution
    7.02: Plan Approval and Emission Limitations List
    7.03: Plan Approval Application Exemption Construction Requirements
    7.04: Fossil Fuel Utilization Facilities
    7.05: Fuels All Districts
    7.06: Visible Emissions
    7.07: Open Burning
    7.08: Incinerators
    7.09: Dust, Odor, Construction & Demolition
    7.10: Noise
    7.11: Transportation Media
    7.12: Source Registration
    7.13: Stack Testing
    7.14: Monitoring Devices & Reports
    7.15: Asbestos
    7.16: Reduction of Single Occupant Commuter Vehicle Use
    7.17: Conversions to Coal
    7.18: Volatile and Halogenated Organic Compounds
    7.19: Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) for Sources of Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx)
    7.21: Sulfur Dioxide Emissions Limitations
    7.22: Sulfur Dioxide Emissions Reductions for the Purpose of Reducing Acid Rain
    7.24: Organic Material Storage & Distribution
    7.25: Best Available Controls for Consumer & Commercial Products
    7.26: Industry Performance Standards
    7.27: NOx Allowance Program
    7.28: NOx Allowance Trading Program
    7.29: Emissions Standards for Power Plants
    7.30: Massport/Logan Airport Parking Freeze
    7.31: City of Boston/East Boston Parking Freeze
    7.32: Massachusetts Clean Air Interstate Rule (Mass CAIR)
    7.33: City of Boston/South Boston Parking Freeze
    7.36: Transit System Improvements
    7.37: High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes
    7.38: Certification of Tunnel Ventilation Systems in the Metropolitan Boston Air Pollution Control District
    7.40: Low Emission Vehicle Program
    7.45: The Massachusetts Green Fleet Progam
    7.50: Variances
    7.51: Hearings Relative to Orders & Approvals
    7.52: Enforcement Provisions
    7.54: Large Combustion Emission Units
    7.60: Severability
    7.70: Massachusetts CO2 Budget Trading Program
    7.71: Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    7.72: Reducing Sulfur Hexafluoride Emissions from Gas-Insulated Switchgear
    Appendix A: Emission Offsets & Nonattainment Review
    Appendix B: Emissions Banking, Trading & Averaging
    Appendix C: Operating Permit Program

310 CMR 7.00: Recently Promulgated Amendments