Select your community to find recycling collection days/hours and materials accepted or your options if there is no local program. Questions? Contact your city or town.

Most municipal programs accept the following easy-to-recycle materials, provided that you break down the boxes, and rinse containers clean of most residue:

  • Paper  Magazines, newspapers, catalogs, flyers, phone books, mixed paper. No paper towels, tissues.
  • Cardboard Corrugated/paperboard boxes, packing materials. No waxed juice cartons, frozen food containers, greasy pizza boxes.
  • Aluminum Cans, foil, tins, trays. No pots/pans, utensils, scrap metal, siding.
  • Steel  Cans, tins, lids, empty aerosol cans. No appliances, paint cans, pesticide containers, scrap metal.
  • Glass Bottles, jars. No ceramics, light bulbs, window glass.
  • Plastic  Beverage/water bottles (no lids), milk/juice jugs, shampoo/soap containers. No plastic bags/wrap, polystyrene foam, toys.


Manage Household Hazardous Items MassDEP-approved sites that accept household hazardous wastes from local or area residents.

More information on specific items: