The Massachusetts Bottle Deposit Law requires retail outlets  to redeem the same brands, types and sizes of containers they sell or recently sold for full deposit value. Unlike retail stores, redemption centers can choose which containers they will accept and deduct processing fees from refunds. 

List of Redemption Centers

The following is a directory, arranged alphabetically by community, of locations registered with MassDEP as beverage container redemption centers. Because redemption center policies and hours of operation vary and change frequently, MassDEP recommends that you call ahead.

Owner/Operator Information

If you wish to establish a redemption center, you must notify MassDEP at least ten (10) business days in advance of commencing operations and provide the agency with updated information twice per year (by January 1 and July 1). Redemption centers are also required to advise consumers that it is illegal to redeem containers originally purchased in other states for deposit refunds in Massachusetts. Most do this by posting signs.