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Index of Forms & Program Contacts:

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General Technical Help

For assistance with login or passwords, account management or system performance, contact the Service Desk

Service Desk: 617-626-1111

A-C Forms 

   Air Quality Source Registration Forms
       Maureen Hancock 978-694-3271 (Monday, Tuesday, Friday) / 617-654-6665 (Wednesday & Thursday)

   Annual Compost Site Report Forms
       John Fischer 617-292-5632

   Annual Statistical Report Forms
       Andrew Durham 617-574-6855
       Tio Yano 617-292-5843
       Damon Guterman 617-574-6811

   Asbestos Forms

   Cleanup of Sites and Spills - see Waste Site Cleanup Forms

D-F Forms 

   Construction and Demolition Forms

   Dental Amalgam Recycling - ERP Forms
       Lee Andrews 617-292-5647
       Email: or

   Diesel Waste Vehicle Retrofits Forms
       Susan Lyon 617-556-1101

   Drinking Water / ASRs Forms
       Andrew Durham 617-574-6855
       Damon Guterman 617-574-6811

   Dry Cleaners - ERP Forms
       Dry Cleaner Help Line 617-556-1097 

   EMORS Forms
       Mike Hurley 617-292-5633

G-I Forms 

   Ground Water Forms
       Marybeth Chubb 617-556-1029
       Linda Barba 617-556-1150

   Hazardous Waste Notification Forms
       Mike Hurley 617-292-5633

   Hazardous Waste Transporters VID Forms
       Marrcus Henry 617-292-5576

J-L Forms 

   No topics

M-O Forms 

   Mercury Dentist Forms- see Dental Amalgam Recycling - ERP

   Microbiology Lawrence Experiment Station Forms
       Jena Kotuli 978-242-1366

P-R Forms 

   Photo Processors - ERP Forms

   Printers - ERP Forms

   Recycling Forms
       John Fischer 617-292-5632

S-V Forms 

   Sanitary Sewer Overflow Forms
       Boston & Northeast Region: Kevin Brander 978-694-3236
       Southeast Region: David Burns 508-946-2738
       Central Region: Robert Kimball 508-767-2722
       Western Region: Paul Nietupski 413-755-2218

   Septic Forms
       Title 5 Hotline 617-292-5673

   TURA - Toxics Use Reduction Forms
       Walter Hope 617-292-5982
       Lynn Cain 617-292-5711

W-Z Forms 

   Waste Site Cleanup Forms

For most questions relating to eDEP and BWSC Forms, please email the BWSC eDEP email box,  In addition, questions or problems with BWSC Reports, BWSC Site Files, Resource Maps, WSC Data Requests and Corrections, and LSP License, LSP Change of Address and LSP Proofs should also go to

For technical eDEP problems,  such as  system slowness or availability, forms or attachments not uploading,  blank screens etc., please email the EEA Service Desk, or call 617-626-1111.

   Wastewater Treatment Plant Certification Forms
       John J. Murphy 617-292-5867

   Water Quality Certification Forms
       Ann Marie Allen 978-242-1333

   Wetlands - NOI Notice of Intent Forms
       Alice Smith 617-292-5854
       Mike Stroman 617-292-5526
       Lisa Rhodes 617-292-5512

   Wire OOC Order of Conditions Forms
       Alice Smith 617-292-5854
       Mike Stroman 617-292-5526
       Lisa Rhodes 617-292-5512

   Well Drillers Forms
       Steve Hallem 617-292-5681

   WPA Forms
       Alice Smith 617-292-5854
       Nancy Lin 617-556-1109
       Julianne Ture 617-556-1172

   Wetland Fees Forms
       Mike Stroman 617-292-5526