The following applications and forms are available through eDEP Online Filing .

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Air Quality 

Asbestos Notification ANF 001
Construction/Demolition AQ 06
Source Registration

Drinking Water (Bulk Upload)

Chlorite 3 Sample Set
Chlorine Dioxide 3 Sample Set
Coliform (BACTERIA)
Haloacetic Acids HAA5
Lead and Copper
Tetrachloroethylene (PCE)
Secondary Contaminants
Synthetic Organic Compounds (SOC)
Volatile Organic Compounds

ASR - Pre Form
ASR - Master Form 347
ASR - System Form (Con NTNC) 348
ASR - Treatment Form 360
ASR - Pump Station Form 362
ASR - Storage Form 363
ASR - Ground Water Source Form 359
ASR - Surface Form 361
ASR - Purchase Water Form 355
ASR - Water Consumption and Production Form 354
ASR - WMA Watershed/Basin Withdrawal Report 357
ASR - WMA Distribution Form 358
ASR - Source Protection Zone II 366
ASR - Source Protection IWPA 367
ASR - Source Protection Watershed 356
ASR - Transient Non-Community Form 373
ASR - Vendor Report 364
ASR - Cross Connections 353

Well Drillers - General form A
Well Drillers - General form B
Well Drillers - General form C
Well Drillers - Monitoring report
Well Drillers - Closed Loop wells
Well Drillers - Decommissioned Wells
Well Drillers - Hydro-Fracture wells
Well Drillers - Deepening
Well Drillers - Addendum

UIC - UIC Class IV/V wells with MassDEP or for the registration and pre-closure of UIC Class IV/V wells (BRP WS06)
UIC - UIC Modification or Well Conversion (BRP WS06)
UIC - UIC Registered Well Pre-Closure Notification
UIC - UIC Registered Well Monitoring Report
UIC - UIC Well Completion of Construction Notification
UIC - UIC Well Post-Closure Notification

Environmental Results Program (ERP) 

Dental Amalgam Mercury Recycling Certification  
Dry Cleaners Certification  
Photo Processors Certification  
Printers Certification  


Groundwater Permit Daily Log Sheet
Groundwater Permit Discharge Monitoring Report
Groundwater Permit Monitoring Well Data Report

Hazardous Materials

BWP HW 28 - 2005 VID Fee for Licensed Hazardous Waste Transporters
BWP HW 28M - Obtaining Additional VID Cards
Electronic Monthly Operating Reports (EMORS)
RCRA - Notification of HW Activity

Toxics Use Reduction

State Only Form R/Form A
TURA Plan Update
Toxics Use Reduction Form S
TURA Certification Statement/Exceptions to Plan Requirements

Waste Site Cleanup

BWSC 10, 20, 30 Application for Supplemental Tier 1 Permit Actions
BWSC103 Release Notification & Release Retraction Form
BWSC104 Response Action Outcome Statement (RAO)
BWSC105 Immediate Response Action Transmittal Form (IRA)
BWSC105A IRA Remedial Monitoring Report (RMR)
BWSC105B IRA RMR Effluent/Discharge Concentrations
BWSC106 Release Abatement Measure Transmittal Form (RAM)
BWSC106A RAM Remedial Monitoring Report (RMR)
BWSC106B RAM RMR Effluent/Discharge Concentrations
BWSC107 Tier Classification Transmittal Form
BWSC107B Tier Classification Compliance History
BWSC107C Tier Classification Transferor Certification
BWSC107D Eligible Person, Eligible Tenant or Other Person Transmittal Form
BWSC108 Comprehensive Response Action Transmittal Form & Phase I Completion Statement
BWSC108A CRA Remedial Monitoring Report (RMR)
BWSC108B CRA RMR Effluent/Discharge Concentrations
BWSC111 Audit Follow-Up Plan Transmittal Form & Post Audit Completion Statement
BWSC113 Activity and Use Limitation (AUL) Transmittal Form
BWSC113A Activity and Use Limitation (AUL) Opinion Form
BWSC115 Downgradient Property Status (DPS) Transmittal Form
BWSC115A Downgradient Property Status (DPS) Modification Form
BWSC119 Utility-Related Abatement Measure Transmittal Form (URAM)
BWSC108A URAM Remedial Monitoring Report (RMR)
BWSC108B URAM RMR Effluent/Discharge Concentrations
BWSC120 Homeowner Certification Form
BWSC121 Notification of Delay in Compliance with Response Action Deadlines Transmittal Form
BWSC126 Miscellaneous Document Transmittal Form


NPDES State-Specific Discharges


Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation - WPA Form 4A
Order of Conditions WPA Form 5
Order of Resource Area Delineation
Wetlands Notice of Intent WPA Form 3