Wetlands Protection

The environmental significance of wetlands, efforts to monitor and protect wetland health, regulatory and permitting information, technical guidance, and related information.

Coastal Resources & Estuaries

The environmental significance of estuaries, scientific reports on estuary health, and agencies and groups working to protect and preserve estuaries.

The Massachusetts Estuaries Project and Reports

Many people know that nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen are contained in fertilizers, and when overused can cause water pollution problems that require corrective action. But the impacts of excessive nutrient pollution to coastal communities from wastewater disposal systems and storm water runoff are not understood as well. The Massachusetts Estuaries Project was developed to determine current nutrient loads and assist in the evaluation of future nutrient load scenarios for estuaries located in Southeastern Massachusetts coastal communities.


An overview of the Massachusetts Public Waterfront Act (the oldest waterways law in the United States), regulatory and permitting information, and resources for waterways research.

Water Conservation

Water conservation tips and seasonal municipal water restrictions.

Water Management Act Program

Regulating the quantity of water withdrawn from Massachusetts water supplies to ensure adequate supplies for current and future needs.

Watershed Planning Program (WPP)

Guided by the Federal Clean Water Act, the Watershed Planning Program works to secure the environmental, recreational and public health benefits of clean water for the citizens of Massachusetts.

Water Utility Resilience Program

MassDEP’s Water Utility Resilience Program (WURP) is a technical assistance program designed to support Drinking Water (DW) and Wastewater (WW) utilities in developing or enhancing their resilience to severe and hazardous weather events, including those caused by climate change.

Massachusetts Nutrient Management Report 2013

Outline of efforts to manage impacts of excessive nutrients on Massachusetts water resources.

Nonpoint Source Pollution

Identifying, controlling, and managing pollution from natural or agricultural runoff, precipitation, drainage, seepage, or other non-specific sources.


Stormwater permitting in Massachusetts and resources for environmentally-sound stormwater management.

Water Quality Assessments

Detailed reports on the ecological ("fishable/swimmable") condition of Massachusetts watersheds.

Water Quality Monitoring Program

An outline of MassDEP's watershed monitoring efforts, and report summaries from past and recent research.

Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)

Overview and explanation of TMDLs, Integrated Lists of Waters, and TMDL reports from Massachusetts watersheds.

Water Resources Grants & Financial Assistance

Financial assistance options for drinking water, wastewater, septic systems, wetlands and watersheds.

Water Resources Permits & Reporting Forms

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Permits, reporting forms and application forms for drinking water, wastewater, wetlands, septic systems, stormwater and underground injection control.

Water Resources Policies & Guidance Documents

Documents interpreting MassDEP regulations and how to comply with them.

Water Resources Regulations & Standards

Regulations and standards governing the protection of water resources in Massachusetts.