• Electric Power Division Responsibilities

    The Department of Public Utilities regulates four investor owned electric companies which are:  (1) Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company, (2) National Grid, (3) NSTAR Electric, and (4) Western Massachusetts Electric Company. 

  • Consumer Assistance

    The Consumer Division of the Department of Public Utilities assists consumers with their utility providers through dispute resolution, evaluation of utility regulatory compliance and customer service, and education.
  • Retail Electric Market

    The materials posted here include: (1) electricity purchase options for consumers (Competitive Supply), (2) supplier and broker license application and renewal, (3) customer migration data, and (4) additional information that arose as a result of the restructured Massachusetts market such as the purchase of accounts receivables and municipal aggregation.

  • Safety and Reliability

    Get important information on Dig-Safe requirements and Company Safety Plans.
  • Net Metering

    The materials posted here are intended to help users understand the concept of net metering and determine whether they are eligible to net meter.

  • Grid Modernization

    The materials posted here are intended to help users understand the grid modernization opportunities that are under consideration by the Commonwealth. 

  • Learn About Residential Electricity Prices

    Electricity is an essential part of modern life. In our homes we use it for lighting, running appliances and electronics, and for heating and cooling. Most consumers do not think much about their electricity until a power outage, or when they are "shocked" by a high utility bill.
  • Pole Attachments and Double Poles

    Learn about Department of Public Utilities and Department of Telecommunications and Cable jurisdiction over pole attachments and double poles