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EFSB 16-01Colonial Gas Company d/b/a National GridPetition of Colonial Gas Company d/b/a National Grid for Approval to Replace 16.6 Miles of Its Existing 200 psig Natural Gas Distribution Main in Yarmouth, Dennis, Harwich and Brewster Pursuant to G.L. c. 164, § 69JClick and Insert EFSB16-01
 EFSB 15-06NRG Energy, Inc.Petition of NRG Canal 3 Development LLC for approval to construct and operate a new 350-MW peak electric generating unit in Sandwich pursuant to G.L. c. 164, § 69J¼.Click and  Insert: EFSB15-06
EFSB 15-05Energy Facilities Siting BoardEnergy Facilities Siting Board Regulation Review Pursuant to Executive Order 562 to Reduce Unnecessary Regulatory Burden.Click and  Insert: EFSB15-05
EFSB 15-4/DPU 15-140/15-141NSTAR Electric Company d/b/a Eversource Energy(Consolidated with D.P.U. 15-140/15-141) Petition of NSTAR Electric Company d/b/a Eversource Energy and New England Power Company d/b/a National Grid for Approval to Construct and Maintain a New 345-kV Underground Transmission Line in Woburn, Winchester, Stoneham and Wakefield Pursuant to G.L. c. 164, § 69J.Click and  Insert: EFSB15-04
EFSB 15-3/DPU 15-64/15-65NSTAR Electric Company d/b/a Eversource EnergyPetition for approval to construct, operate and maintain a new 115-kV underground transmission line through the municipalities of Woburn, Winchester, Medford, Somerville, Boston and Everett.Click and  Insert: EFSB15-03
EFSB 15-2UMASSPetition for Jurisdictional Determination related to the construction of a liquefied natural gas storage facility on the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus in Hadley, Massachusetts.Click and Insert: EFSB15-2
EFSB 15-1/DPU 15-25Exelon West Medway LLCPetition to Construct and Operate a 200-MW, dual-fuel oil, simple-cycle, quick-start Generating Facility located at the existing West Medway Generating Station site on Summer Street, in Medway, Massachusetts. Consolidated with Petition of Exelon West Medway LLC and Exelon West Medway II LLC, pursuant to G.L. c. 40A, § 3, for Certain Exemptions to the Zoning Bylaws of the Town of Medway to construct a 200 megawatt generation facility in Medway, Massachusetts.Click and Insert: EFSB15-01
EFSB 14-4/DPU 14-153/14/154NSTAR ELECTRICPetition for approval to construct and operate two new underground 115 kV transmission lines and new substation in the cities of Boston, Everett and Chelsea, pursuant to G.L. c. 164, §69J and G.L. c.164, §72; and petition for exemption from the Boston Zoning Code, pursuant to Section 6 of Chapter 665 of the Acts of 1956Click and Insert: EFSB 14-4
EFSB 14-2/DPU 14-73/14-74NSTAR Electric CompanyPetition for approval to construct, operate and maintain new 115-kV transmission line segments on existing ROW between the towns of Walpole and Holbrook; a new switching station in Sharon; and modifications to substations in Walpole and Holbrook, pursuant to G.L. c. 164, §69J, G.L. c.164, §72 and G.L. c.40A, §3, respectivelyClick and Insert: EFSB 14-2


There are instances when a single project can consist of several cases with both Department and Siting Board jurisdictions. In most of these instances, the Chairman of the Department issues a Consolidation Order pursuant to G. L. c. 25, § 4, which directs the Siting Board to render a Decision in all related cases after conducting a single adjudicatory proceeding and developing a single evidentiary record. When cases are consolidated, Siting Board rules apply to the proceeding. 980 CMR 1.00 et seq.


This information is provided by the Energy Facilities Siting Board.