EFSB 14-2/DPU14-73/74NSTAR Electric CompanyPetition for approval to construct, operate and maintain new 115-kV transmission line segments on existing ROW between the towns of Walpole and Holbrook; a new switching station in Sharon; and modifications to substations in Walpole and Holbrook, pursuant to G.L. c. 164, §69J, G.L. c.164, §72 and G.L. c.40A, §3, respectively.
EFSB10-2ANSTAR Electric CompanyProject Change Filing related to proposed modifications to the design of the 345-kV transmission line, proposed changes to the height and location of other ancillary structures in the area of Plymouth Municipal Airport and the towns of Carver, Plymouth, Bourne and Barnstable
EFSB02-2B (consolidated w/EFSB07-8A)NSTAR Electric Company and Cape Wind Associates, LLCPetition for project change in connection with a transmission line project previously approved by the Siting Board; specifically, the petition pertains to proposed modifications to an existing NSTAR switching station in the Town of Barnstable where the previously approved transmission lines are intended to connect to the regional electric grid

There are instances when a single project can consist of several cases with both Department and Siting Board jurisdictions. In most of these instances, the Chairman of the Department issues a Consolidation Order pursuant to G. L. c. 25, § 4, which directs the Siting Board to render a Decision in all related cases after conducting a single adjudicatory proceeding and developing a single evidentiary record. When cases are consolidated, Siting Board rules apply to the proceeding. 980 CMR 1.00 et seq.

This information is provided by the Energy Facilities Siting Board.