General Instructions

The RPS Class I application is web-based. You must register by creating a username and password and then fill out the application online. Once you have registered you will be able to save and log out of the application. For ease of viewing you can download a PDF version of the RPS Class I application in its entirety. However, you MUST complete and submit the web-based version only. Note that the PDF-formatted SQA includes all possible sections and appendices for the SQA, including many that will not pertain to your type of facility.

RPS Class I SQA  pdf format of RPS Class I SQA

Guidelines for Biomass Units


Each page has instructions for entering information and then moving to the next page. In addition, after you complete Section I, a Navigation Bar will appear at the top of each subsequent page. Note that you can leave and return to your SQA(s) whenever you choose to do so. The information on each page is saved to a database whenever you move to the next page or leave the SQA altogether, and the information will be there when you return.


Once you have completed all pages, you can check the SQA for completeness, complete the Certification sections, and "Submit" the SQA. If any critical information has not been entered, the program will not allow you to complete the submission and will point to missing entries.

Aggregation Projects

Generation Unit Owners may find it easier to become part of an Aggregation, which represents a number of systems and Owners, provides qualification from DOER, establishes an Aggregators Account on the NEPOOL GIS, and markets and sells its members' RECs. DOER encourages Owner's of all sizes to take advantage of Aggregations; however, each owner must be aware of and carefully consider the Aggregation's contract terms and fees for the disposal of its members' RECs.

An Aggregation can only be composed of projects that are of the same technology and eligible for RPS Class I.

If the system is part of an Aggregation and the system owner and Aggregator are separate entities, than the following document must be signed by each party attesting that a contract has been signed and should the contract be terminated DOER will be notified within 30 days:

Aggregator/Generation Unit Owner Agreement pdf format of aggregator-form.pdf
  Class I PV Detail Form  xlsx format of Class I PV Detail Form

Independent Verifier

An Independent Verifier must be selected for Generation Units whose output Is NOT monitored and reported to the NEPOOL GIS by ISO-NE, including all aggregations and other behind-the-meter units per 225 CMR 14.05(1)(c). The duty of the Independent Verifier is to access/read the electricity output meter of the unit, assure itself that the reading is reasonable, and accurately report the generation of the unit to the NEPOOL GIS on a quarterly basis. Such reporting is done via the Verifier's own account at the GIS. A list of Massachusetts RPS/APS Qualified Independent Verifiers is provided below; however, you are not required to select a Verifier from the list. Whether the Verifier is listed or not, you must fill out Appendix D, Section 2 of the online application to provide the details on the Verifier you have chosen. If your chosen Verifier is not already registered at the GIS, the Verifier must register via the GIS homepage ( ); such registration can be completed only when DOER informs the GIS it has approved the Verifier.

RPS/APS Qualified Independent Verifiers  xls format of RPS/APS Qualified Independent Verifiers
- updated June 20, 2013

Independent Verifier Request Form Class I & II  docx format of Independent Verifier Request Form Class I & II


You must submit all signature pages with their original signatures and any required supporting documentation not included in the electronic application to the following address: 

Massachusetts RPS Program
Department of Energy Resources
100 Cambridge St. Suite 1020
Boston, MA 02114

Certified mail or equivalent forms of delivery are encouraged.

Non-Roundtripping Attestation for Import Units

The Owner or Operator of an Import Unit must provide an attestation that it will not itself or through any affiliate or other contracted party, engage in the process of importing RPS Class I Renewable Generation into the ISO-NE Control Area for the creation of RPS Class I Renewable GIS Certificates, and then exporting that energy or a similar quantity of other energy out of the ISO-NE Control Area during the same hour.

If your project is an Import Unit please sign, print and mail in the form to the address above.

Non-Roundtripping Attestation for Import Gen Units  pdf format of Non-Roundtripping Attestation for Import Gen Units

Spreadsheets and Other Attachments

Some information will have to be completed in the form of attachments, sometimes including spreadsheets. Attachments must be submitted by email whenever possible. Address them to Please provide clear titles, including the name of the Unit, for all emails and attachments. Your SQA will not be complete until DOER has received all required attachments and other documents.

DOER Review and Approval

Once DOER receives a Statement of Qualification Application, staff members review it for completeness, accuracy, appropriate signatures, and certification.

DOER will email each applicant that submits a complete and accurate application, to confirm its receipt. DOER strives to notify an applicant of its qualification within 30 days of receipt of the application by mailing a signed Statement of Qualification.

Applications that are incomplete, inaccurate, or include ineligible projects, will not be reviewed further until the open issues have been completely rectified to the satisfaction of DOER. Within 30 days of receipt of an incomplete, ineligible, or inaccurate application, DOER will notify the applicant. The submission of incomplete applications will result in significant delays.

DOER reserves the right to inspect sites and/or request additional technical information prior to approving or denying applications.

Statement of Qualification

Once a project is approved, it will receive a Statement of Qualification from DOER. DOER will then post on the DOER website the name of the approved Unit with some additional information about the Unit, and notify the NEPOOL GIS Administrator.

Statement of Qualification Application (SQA)

All applications must be submitted electronically. The application must be completely filled out and include all supporting documentation. Original copies must be submitted for all pages that require signatures. Electronic signatures (e.g., faxes or simulated) are not accepted. A hard copy of the signature pages must be mailed or delivered to DOER. Except in the case of Aggregations, a separate SQA must be submitted for each independent project.

The web-based application can be accessed by using the link below. All first-time applicants must first establish a user account by clicking on the “Register” link (NOTE: On January 13, 2014, a new version of the web-based application replaced the original version that existed from 2010-2013.)

Apply: RPS Class I

Any questions or issues with the application should be directed to Kaitlin Kelly at

This information is provided by the Department of Energy Resources.