• About the Solar Carve-Out Program

    The RPS Solar Carve-Out is a market-based incentive to support residential, commercial, public, and non-profit entities in developing 400 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) across the Commonwealth. Read about eligibility criteria and the process for generating Solar Renewable Energy Certifications (SRECs).

  • Current Status of the Solar Carve-Out Program

    Current details on the minimum standard ACP scheduled, opt-in term and a list of the qualified units.

  • Ongoing Public Rulemaking Process

    Regulatory Changes to 225 CMR 14.00 RPS Class I

  • Statement of Qualification Application

    Review qualification guidelines for solar PV projects and application requirements; access the online application here, when you are ready to complete it.
  • Metering, Data Reporting, and Verification Requirements

    PV systems that participate in the Carve-Out are responsible for metering their electricity generated and reporting their data to the Production Tracking System.
  • Adjusted Mechanics to the Minimum Standard and ACP Rate

    DOER developed guidelines and calculations to establish a consistent method for making future adjustments to the Minimum Standard, Opt-In Term, and Alternative Compliance Payment Rate (ACP).
  • Solar Credit Clearinghouse Auction

    The Auction mechanism helps to assure solar generators that any unsold SRECs generated within their Opt-In Terms will maintain market value and be re-issued and sold for a minimum price.
  • Market Resources - Aggregators, Retail Suppliers and Brokers

    Find a list of aggregators and traders who actively participate in the marketing and selling of SRECs. The retail suppliers are the ultimate buyer of SRECs who must show compliance with the program by purchasing SRECs or making payments. There is also a basic PV project financial calculator.
  • Historical Development of the Solar Carve-Out

    Review DOER's method to develop its groundbreaking Solar Carve-Out Program and access stakeholder comments.
  • Questions: DOER.SREC@State.MA.US

    Email your questions to DOER.SREC@State.MA.US