• MET Overview

    The MET awards nearly $1 million annually in grants to help improve the water resources of Massachusetts including projects such as rescuing entangled whales, restoring habitat for herring and eels, researching invasive species, improving trout fisheries, preventing pollution and much more.
  • Environmental License Plates

  • MET Grant Programs

    The Massachusetts Environmental Trust is one of the state's largest sources of funding for water resource programs. Our goals are to improve and safeguard the quality of the waterways and bays throughout the Commonwealth. The Trust makes grant awards to nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and educational institutions.
  • MET: Recent Awards

    See this page for a complete list awards made over the past several years.

  • MET: Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I apply for a grant? Does the MET fund organizations outside of Massachusetts? Find the answer to these and other questions here.